Briefing Goes As ExpectedMature

Agent Marks was standing in front of the room when they arrived in the gray briefing room. They each took a seat, and the woman began outlining the mission. The specific details lay in the thin manila folders in front of each seat - name and handle stamped onto the front.

"The main target's name is Helen Vourtkit. Cheating wife of an illegal arms trader selling to underground communities. She's running this show, though, so she goes out and everything else collapses. She'll be going to a party this Sunday. Favours tall, blond men, especially foreign ones, so taking her out will be mainly Warbler's job. Her usual security detail won't be with her because this party's strictly off-the-calendar so that her husband doesn't find out. Warbler can take her out and blame it on drugs that were given to her during the course of the party, after injecting her with the lethal substance." Agent Marks nodded to Aleksander before continuing.

"The issue? She's got some close lady friends who'd be very happy to take over in her stead - and they're more than capable of doing so. What you're going to do about that is pick them off. Vourkit goes first, and then Mary-Anne Peyton, and then Sadie Fishen, and finally Abby Levinson. Because without Fishen, Renolds and Teha won't be making a move at all. So Mr Vourkit will be shutting down without a smart female spouse to run his business for him so that he can take long yacht rides with pretty young things."

"Goldfinch will be taking down Peyton as she goes on her weekly grocery run by positioning himself on the roof across from the store. Sparrow will distract her by bumping into her and making small talk, causing a minor pause in her walking - enough time for Agent Fuchs to shoot her. Loon will poison Fishen by pretending to be a waitress at one of her favorite haunts - a chic little expensive cafe by Raymond Avenue. Blackbird, a little muscle's going to be needed to take Levinson down. She's going to be in the car going to her uncle's villa five hours away, and she always forgets to fill up the gas when she visits him. She'll have to stop at one of the two gas stations on the way, and she prefers the second one because it has the low-calorie granola bars she likes. You'll get into her car while she's in buying her snack, and take her out."

The team had been reading their files while Agent Marks spoke, so as she finished, they nodded at her and stood up, walking out the door.

"God, I hate briefing." Derek muttered to himself, feet echoing on the tile of the floor, only loud enough for Tammy, moving out beside him, to hear.

"Well, suck it up, Mama-Bear," She murmured back, her tone low. "Eve's still doing her cold-stone routine, so it looks like until we get out into this op and she switches into mission-mode, you're the one that's going to be getting us where we need to go."

"Fine," He replied, straightening his back, and calling out, "Guys!"

The other five of them turned towards him, but Eve's head shot up, her eyes went hard, and her hands shifted behind her back.

"Look's like we got lucky this time - she's earlier than I predicted," Tammy whispered to Derek.

"Alright, you know what we're doing here. We board the jet set for New Jersey at 1600 hours tomorrow. Go pick up your weapons. We meet in the Think Tank at 0900 hours today. Bring your cigars and your booze, get a nap first if you need one. We wrap up at 1500 hours today. Okay, see you all in an hour. Disband and grab a blanket. Maybe a bucket too, we only have four in the Think Tank right now. Derek, you're coming we me. We need to have a little chat. Tammy, you too." Eve made a motion, and the other four of them walked off, Derek heading to the Knife Room, Alex  just going for Weapons Design, and Aleksander and Ellen towards the Labs.

"Listen, guys, I got this. Really. You don't have to keep looking out for me as Regent, I can do this. You know I can, so let it go." This is as close to sappy as Eve'll ever get, so the two Archers standing opposite to her snap their spines straight, get their chins up, move their feet shoulder's width apart. They're showing respect. Because what Eve says is true - she's Regent for a reason, she can handle it.

"Okay. Go and retrieve your weaponry. Derek, I suggest a quick nerve pinch and then asphyxiation. Make sure you steady the steering wheel before knocking her out and try to do it when the road is quiet. Tammy? Well, remember - try to look as non-threatening as possible. Flatter her, and wear pastels." Eve gives them a short nod and then retreats, heading to the ranger to grab her bow and already trying to remember what flavour of vodka Derek likes best. Oh, and she should probably stop and see if she still has some of Alex's favorite whiskey and Tammy's cigars and Ellen's fruit juice....

The End

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