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"I can't believe he gave us Zephyr. That guy's insane." Ellen sulked, her usually sweet disposition overridden by her sheer peeved-ness. 

"Come on, let's go get outfitted." Derek pulled her along, and she went - reluctantly. 

Entering the Archer changeroom, they each stripped and pulled out their clothes. After giving each other harried medical care, catching them after they'd fallen off a building, seen them bleeding out, crying after an emotional op, and being there for each other in any other vulnerable situation, nudity was really not an issue. 

They all pulled on their loose gray linen shirts (the female members all changing into the specially designed combat-bras first), and then the off-white pants. Derek couldn't find one of his black knee-high bulletproof socks, and the team spent ten minutes searching for it (fruitlessly) before Tammy just eventually gave him her spare. Then they all shoved their feet into the ankle-high boots.

After all that came the suspender-like things, clipped onto the top of the socks to their belts, and then another one of the suspender-like things was attached to the top of the socks and stretched to the top of the boots. This involved a lot of grunting and swearing, various members of the team accidentally hitting themselves in the face with them and then hitting the lockers with frustrated ferocity. 

And then came the time for their ropes. This was a personal, intricate activity. The black ropes were wound in various, individual styles around their torsos, and then the the loose ends (if there were any) were attached to their belts. 

Finally, the jackets. The various ones were shrugged on, and Aleksander approached Eve with a solemn expression. Understanding, she turned around, showing him her back. 

He brought out a needle and thread, and crudely stitched a crimson, wine-red patch onto her sky-blue jacket. On it, there was a simple design of a flying bird. 

Standard protocol, that was all. 

When a leader was away, or not yet replaced, one of the second-in-commands (in this case, Eve - she had been selected as the most competent by the team as a whole) would attach a small patch to their jacket, a visual sign of their regency. 

Usually, if an Archer required assistance or further guidance, they would call for Mocker through the comm. But from this point until when Andrea returned, they would call for "Regent" if they needed help. 

The women headed to secure their hair, and once that was done, they all grabbed their thin masks and slipped them on, only covering their mouths before heading out - Eve in the front, Aleksander behind her, Derek and Tammy following him, and Alex and Ellen bringing up the rear. 

The End

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