The Fight (and Subsequent Patching-Up)Mature

When Lucy bursts into the small gym, she's a little bit furious.

But then she stops.

Andrea is like a hurricane - destructive of everything in her path. But Cassius is fluid, each movement calculated to expend the exact amount of energy that it takes - he's using Shaolin kung fu.

As a kid, Lucy had been that kid that was just enough under the "not fit" line that they're afraid to try physical stuff. So she had read up on fighting styles, enthralled by Aboriginal techniques and SCARS.

So she can tell the minute they both give up using definite styles, abandoning technique. 

Cassius almost gets an elbow to the solar plexus, and then gets behind Andrea, trying to get a hit to the back of her neck. She grins, manic and tinged with blood from where she bit her lip earlier (his ear is still ringing from her retaliation) and she slams her head back into his face, hearing a satisfying noise as her skull hits the cartilage in his nose. Not enough to break it, but enough to cause a nosebleed and hurt like all hell.

There's blood staining his face now - a lot of it.

He wipes the back of his hand over his eyes and grins with the thrill of adrenaline shooting through his veins. He gets her back with a fist to her right hypochondrium. Both of their bodies are thrumming with pain - by all rights, they shouldn't be standing.

But Andrea's trained for torture and she's a part of C.A.R.D. As for Cassius, well - he's from the Pentagram. She smirks, ready to show off, and backflips, kicking him in the process so that as her foot is coming up it hits the underside of his jaw.

She gets the blow in, but as she's landing, her hands touching the floor (it's been covered with thin safety mats), he shoots a hand out to grab her ankle, flipping her so that she lands on her ribs (her right hypochondrium protests, flaring up in pain) with a loud thump, all of her breath leaving her lungs in a fast whoosh.

Asshole, she thinks.

He shoves his knee into her spine, holding her hands behind her back with still-gloved hands (they're inconspicuous this time - skin colored). The Chinese man underestimates her, though, and that's proved when she manages to heave up her knees (he's sitting on her back) and stab him with a viciously long fingernail at the same time, Cassius swearing under his breath as he's suddenly crushed with the weight of the woman as she twists free from his grip, having flipped herself right-side-up.

She punches him. He punches her back. She trips him up. He pulls her down with him. She digs a knee into his bruised ribs. He shoves an elbow into her kidneys, and they both grunt simultaneously as he accidentally hits his sluggishly-bleeding nose in the process, Andrea recoiling from the impact and Cassius curling up.

She manages to force out, her throat dry and irritated, "Tie?"

He nods a little, the motion fraught with frissions of pain. "Yeah. Tie."

They stretch out, then, waiting for someone to help them up - they're horribly battered.

One of the men there (he was waiting for his boxing coach and got caught up watching the fight) comes closer, his shoulders broad and his face strong.

Lucy hurries over quickly before he can offer to help Andrea up - instead, she grabs the woman's hand and throws her arm over her shoulder, helping her over to a bench.

The man turns to heave Cassius up to a standing position instead. He's so much bigger than the Chinese man that he can just pretty much carry him over to the bench next to the one that Andrea's stretched out on.

"Good practice, Allen. I see the Army hasn't dulled your skills." Andrea grunts out in the general direction of the man, using Cassius' cover name. 

"I see that the loss of Kevin hasn't made you stop training to match his level, Emily." He groaned back. 

The agent lets a shadow move over her face for a moment, playing the part of the widow perfectly. "I'm glad you came to stay with us while you try to accept the passing of Xiang. It also helps me practice."

"We're quite a pair, aren't we?" He asks, huffing out a slightly pained laugh. It's all for show, of course, but he's a remarkable actor.

"Shush, both of you." Lucy chides, pulling out the First Aid kit she had brought with her when she heard of the show they were putting on. "I know that I've been run through so many medical courses that it makes my head spin, but stop making me patch you up when you want to sharpen your skills. But it is nice to see you, Private Wong."

"Oh, just call me Allen. Your mother already does, anyways." He flops a hand about.

"Alright. Now hold still so that I can fix you two up. But did you have to have sparring practice so soon in our new town? I miss New Hampshire, but at least there you didn't do stuff like this when I was little. My friends probably think I'm weird now." Lucy 'mopes', making sure that Cassius is in an upright position, moving his hand to pinch his nose shut, cleaning his face of blood with a wipe before handing him a tissue. 

She moves on to Andrea then, ignoring the murmurs of the small crowd that was slowly dispersing behind them. Pulling out a compression bandage, Lucy pulled the agent's shoe and sock off, wrapping her ankle in the bandage before replacing the sneakers and socks. 

Then she went back to Cassius, wrapping his ribs (there was a brief moment where all of the straight women and not-straight men nearly fainted at the sight of the Chinese man's exposed torso) and dousing the marks in his hand caused by Andrea's fingernails (they had drawn blood) in hydorgen peroxide and placing small Band-Aids over them. 

Both of them taken care of, she sighed and shot a wry look at the two.

Trust them to make a scene. 

The End

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