The Typical Suburban Mom (is not Andrea)Mature

Lucy forces a smile onto her face as Irene comes over towards her, the two of them walking through the hallway (more like fighting their way through the masses) until the doctor has to stop at her locker to try and pry her English notebook from where it's become stuck in the very bottom of her locker.

Irene chats anyways. "But seriously, Harley Quinn? Awesome. My dad bought me the comics, and she's kind of my favorite. Bâbâ is always saying that women are strong and all that crap, but they always make them the weak romantic interests to be saved-"

The Persian prattles on, unaware that Lucy had started listening when her father was mentioned, noting down all the details. After the other girl is finished talking about her dad, however, the doctor stopped paying attention.

The white noise of Irene's chatting is cut off abruptly when her iPhone pings.

There's silence for a moment before a picture, displayed on the horrendously bright screen, is shoved in front of Lucy's face.

"That's your mom, right?" The Persian girl says, eyebrows inching up her forehead. 

The picture depicts a dark-skinned woman fighting a young Chinese man, both in gym attire. Lucy lets her head hit the metal of the locker.

Oh dear lord.

The End

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