Andrea's WorriesMature

After lunch was Biology, which got Lucy completely excited. Whenever Mr Gibbons asked a question of the class, her hand would shoot up. This, she could do. The science of living things was like a second pair of lungs to her - she was a doctor, after all. 

Some people weren't so happy about the new "show-off", though. Freddie included. 

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

In the middle of Drama, Lucy got a message from Andrea.

"Aeternum, come in."

Widening her eyes, she went up to the Drama teacher. "Ms Heather?" She asked quietly. 

"Yes, Jasica?" The woman said, turning her head from where she had been working intently on her laptop. 

"I- I don't really feel well. Can I go to the bathroom?" Lucy made sure to keep her voice timid and quiet, trying to emphasize the meek aspect of her 'sick' demeanor. 

"Oh! Of course, take as along as you need." The teacher hurried to say, and Lucy had to control herself, not bolting from the room like she wanted to. 

Once she had found herself a small space where she wouldn't be interrupted, she detached a part from her watch and fitted it behind her ear, pressing a small button to active it. 

"Yes?" She hissed.

Andrea's voice crackled over the comm, but it was secure. "Richard Columbus is due back in three days, remember. He's already on the move in Ulan Bator. We've tracked his progress, and there's bad news - seems like the Blackjacks have an association with the Pentagram. Yakuza is thinking of sending Cassius in there, based on his expertise. Oh, by the way, forgot to tell you - Yakuza's decided not to detain him. Instead, he's been given part-time recruitment. But the point is, this op's standard parameters are changing. Cassius is coming in, and Derek would be being sent in, but he's only just finished his recent mission. It's only because it's such a delicate mission that I'm here at all. That, and the fact that everyone else is a bit afraid of you."

There's a staticky sigh, and then she continues. "To be honest, I'm a little worried. Mortician's been assigned as to the Archers in my absence, but still. Alex is going to have issues with that - authority figures are not his thing - and Tammy's going to be a little shit, I just know it. To be completely straight with you, Ellen's my main concern. She's not used to changes - I've been in charge of every single op she's been on since she joined the Agency, excluding the ones from training."

Lucy scrubbed a hand over her face. "I'm completely out of my depth over here," she admitted. "But I trust your team. They'll be fine. CIU, right? 'Collective Individual Unit'. Come on, Derek will take care of them. And Eve will at least make sure they don't all kill each other. Worst comes to worst, you send in Rosemary to kick some sense back into them. Anyways, thanks for the update. See you, Heichou." She ended the call, reasonably sure that Andrea wouldn't go running back to her team and leave her stranded. 

The End

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