And So They StartMature

“We’ve set up safehouses in Connecticut, nearby Greenseed Road, and eight kilometers away, at 59 East Street.” Dal explained, going through all the motions while handing them each forms AD-71 and K4.

“Dr Morrow will be provided with two handguns, seven grenades, ten disguised weapons, and four others of her choosing. Agent Carlson will be given as many as requested. The reason for the limit for Dr Morrow is because of her cover."

He paused for a moment. "The house you will be staying in will be on Halewood Avenue, at number 18. Your undercover names will be Jasica Strict, Dr Morrow, and Agent Carlson will be Emily Strict. Your cover story is that you’ve just moved into the neighbourhood, after Kevin Strict died during service to his country in the army. Now remember, Richard Columbus, the leader of the Blackjacks, has a daughter named Irene Columbus. Your main objective is to get close to her. All other details will be contained in the digital mission report.”

Both the operatives nodded, Lucy falling into the familiar routine of debriefing before a mission.

“You leave at 0900 hours.” Dal said, and exited the gray room, leaving the two of them there.


“So.” Andrea echoed. “It’s been a while since I was last in deep cover.”

“I know. It’s been a while since I was last in the field at all.” Lucy took a deep breath. “Let’s hope I don’t end up six feet under.”

— — — — — 

“Swept the house for bugs?”


“Set up security measures?”


“Got a form of live feed into the school?”


“Contacts in place?”


“Have everything ready for tomorrow?”

“Yes, Jesus! I know how to do this!” She exclaimed, exasperated. 

“Just checking.” Andrea muttered.

“I’m going upstairs.” Lucy told her, retreating into what would be ‘her room’ for the duration of the mission. 

Thumping up the wooden stairs, she took a left at the landing and entered the room, painted a light eggshell blue, with paintings stationed at random intervals. Dumping out the contents of her bag, she checked that everything was there:

- Poison pen

- Binders (including paper and dividers)

- Small tracker in the shape of a pencil sharpener

- Pencil case

- Explosives disguised as erasers (red band meant weapon, blue band meant actual eraser)

- Textbooks (history, geography, atlas)

- MacBook Pro (adjusted by the Agency, of course)

- Books required for Grade 7 - The Outsiders and The Book Thief. 

- Everything else. 

Her personalized Beretta was still in the hidden compartment at the bottom of her bag. 

Sighing, she flopped back onto the bed.

The End

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