Not Really Morning PeopleMature

"Holy sh*t." Is his first reaction upon finding them lying, sweaty, on the floor.

Rosemary, apparently drawn out by the swearing, emerges from her cocoon of blankets in her bed, waddling over while still clutching a blanket around her shoulders. Observing them with a fatigued eye, she makes her way over to where they keep the first aid kit, holding the obnoxiously bright neon orange package to her chest.

"Here you go, you assholes." she tossed the kit onto Tammy's prone form, said person groaning as it landed on her.

"Weird-guy-whose-name-I-do-no-know has got a twisted ankle, and a cut on the shoulder that he should probably clean, to make sure it doesn't get infected. Tammy, you're going to have a hell of a bruise, by the way. Also, you pulled a hamstring." Rosemary sniffled sleepily, turning around with the intent of heading to go poke Andrea. She was stopped by Cassius' interruption.

"Who made you a doctor?" The boy sniped.

She turned on him, red-rimmed eyes suddenly menacing. "I'm a neurosurgeon who still,  believe it or not, had to go through med school. Med school is horrible. It's designed to weed out the weak. It's like law school but with less ruthlessness and more rubbing alcohol." She waddled over to Andrea's bedroom and shouldered her way in, yawning.

An exclamation of "Ai!" Was heard before their leader bolted from her bed, darting through the kitchen, only stopping momentarily to look at Cassius and say, "Oh. I forgot about you."

There was a rustling up above, and everyone looked up in time to see a panel in the ceiling slide back and Ellen drop from it, landing neatly on the ground wearing a pair of Spongebob Squarepants boxers and a tank top that was very obviously made for men. "Mornin'."

Alex wandered in next, bleary-eyed and reaching for the half-empty bottle of stale beer sitting on one of the tables. He was just raising it to his lips as Aleksander walked in, strolling right past the other Archer and snatching the bottle before the liquid could slide down the other man's throat.

"Nope." Was the only explanation that he gave.

And then Eve clambered out of the cabinet beneath the sink, heading straight for the freezer and grabbing a tub of ice cream, digging two spoons out from a drawer, and snagging the back of Derek's t-shirt, dragging him with her.

Okay then.

The End

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