Wrestling Next to the CouchMature

The next morning, Tammy finds Cassius curled up on the couch, black hair a stark contrast against his pale skin, brown leather gloves fitted on his slim hands.

She nearly throttles him.

The Chinese boy blinks, finding a Japanese girl glowering her disapproval above him as Andrea watches them both sleepily before turning around to go back to bed. "Don't kill him, Tammy," She says over her shoulder as she leaves.

The other agent turns to him, a sneer already in place.

"Oh for god's sake, leave me alone." He settles on, gracefully turning his body over and letting his eyes slip closed once more.

"You're just like Kaiki." Tammy spits, and his eyes fly open.

He's in front of her in an instant, body moving in a blur.

"What did you say?" It's a snarl, an animalistic sound ripped out of his throat.

She shoulders her way into his space. "I said, you're just like Kaiki."

He lunges, and she twirls, but her toe catches on the carpet and she almost falls before swinging her leg around and pivoting, pushing herself back up with the momentum. Cassius is in front of her in a second, and she darts out a hand.

He locks his fingers around her wrist and he twists it, watching her face grimacing in pain. She growls, trying to reach out with her other hand, and he kicks the back of her knees, sending her tumbling to the ground.

On her way down, she grabs his ankle, bringing him down on top of her. He pins her arms to the ground, and she heaves them over so that she's on top of him. He bends her back, forcing them to flip over.

They're both panting as they grapple on the floor.

Finally, Cassius ends up with a forearm against her throat, pinning her hands above her head with one arm, his knees against her stomach.

She tries to throw him off, and they end up sprawled next to each other on the ground, panting heavily as they lie there, starfished in their exhaustion.

They stay like that until Derek finds them.

The End

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