Dear Mr. PentagramMature

They talk, Cassius and Andrea.

They start out with false niceties, each trying to glean information from each other, searching for one hint of a slip-up to pounce on and exploit.

They both find none.

Cassius is civil and composed, and Andrea's calm and professional. They balance each other out, it seems.

Finally they stop dancing around one another.

"Why are you really here?" She asks.

His lips curve in a wicked smile. "I'm from the Pentagram, you see."

She stares.

Of course she stares.

The Pentagram, notoriously headed by the Master -otherwise known as Lucifer- is a criminal operation that ran most of the underworld. It's the biggest syndicate in the entire world, and it was well-known.

Not in a good way.

Lucifer was brilliant at leading it, and there were only two people who were even close to being as large of a leader as the Master. One was a man named Declan. The other was called the Son.

The Son was a tradition among the leaders of the Pentagram. They 'adopted' a boy (very rarely a girl) and killed off all of the possible relations or friends. And then they took them in. The Son was raised as a sort of second-in-command, practically born to serve one purpose: to serve the Pentagram.

And it made sense that this boy was from the Pentagram, because people from the Pentagram only had one name. There, people didn't have last names. They just had their names. If it was a common name like Anne, or Mary, and if there was already one of those when you joined, then you were called Anne1 or Mary2.

People also used codenames, ones like daH|ila and k'44>.

When the leader died, the Son took over. And then the Son became the leader, and in due time would choose a Son of their own. Occasionally both the leader and the Son would die, and so the leadership would be passed onto somebody like Declan, who were known as the Draft.

And she had heard rumors about the new Son. Wispy, vague rumors.

About how he had a brother, too.

And how the brother had escaped.

Lucifer hadn't been in any hurry to get him back, and in an uncharacteristic move, had let him go. Had given him a pass for now. 

And if she had put this all together correctly...

The boy standing in front of her was the Son's brother.

The End

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