Spies Like UsMature

A/N: Yay for background stuff because it lets me make up whatever the hell I want to exist! \o/


In the Agency, there's a place. It's called the War Room.

During huge attacks or international crises, the War Room is used. Only people with a Level Six and their chosen people are allowed to enter. No civilian has ever seen the inside. 

The Archers count as a Level Six. They're the most elite, the best of the best.

Most assets have handlers. People to guide them through the mission, provide them with the correct intel, scope out the area ahead of time, make sure everything's running smoothly.

They don't have that.

One of the things that makes them so special is their ability to work solely as a unit. They don't have handlers. They have Mortician. And Mortician doesn't give two sh*ts about what they do in the field as long as they come out not-dead and their objective is completed.

The Think Tank is where they plan missions. Mortician has been in there exactly twice.

The Archers have a lot of names: Senior Squad, Mocker Squad, Flight Team X, the Undertakers, Collective Individual Unit, Sleeping Dogs, and the One Good Eye.

They've earned all of them.

The End

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