Heichou RisingMature

Flashback - After The Dirt Massacre, when everyone was recovering from their injuries. Before the leadership was passed on to Mocker. }

She wakes to a barren room. It smells of bleach. It's blindingly white.

She's in the Infirmary. 

She'd been drifting in and out of consciousness for about three days now - due to a head injury, they told her in her blurry memories, right before she slipped under again. The fact that she had been drugged up to her gills hadn't helped, either.

There's a plastic chair next to her bed. It's white, predictably, and looks extremely uncomfortable. She knows it is. All of the ones in the Infirmary are.

The chair's name is Ed. It stands for 'Everybody's dead'.

She knows it's not true. But it might as we'll be. She's left with three team members where before there were 12.

She had dreams. When she was drugged and put under, and the pain got to be too much. When her logical mind receded into the background - anything to dull the pain, anything to take the edge off of loss - and the darkness was overwhelming. They weren't dreams really, so much as nightmares.

Ones where the most prominent line was 'I saved your sorry asses, and now I'm gonna die for your sorry asses.' being said right before the Squad Leader's suicide, Lark's Southern accent tinting the words.

And it was true.

She had volunteered to stay behind, but Mocker had let her.

In a way, wasn't she guilty?

Well, it's not like she could convict herself of murder.

If she could, her head would already be on the chopping block.

The End

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