A Backstory on EveMature

Eve Llewellyn was a subtly intimidating person.

With bleach blonde hair and eyes that seemed almost dead, she wasn't particularly beautiful or alluring. Just born with a body that appeared to hint at the word 'dangerous'.

When she was a baby, she bit down on a letter opener, leaving her with a thin scar across her lips. She wasn't unflinchingly hard and worn and tough like some of the people that worked for the Agency. She was just... Eve.

She was just Eve.

She liked physical contact, even though it made no sense for someone with her job description - she killed people. She sometimes took down smuggler's rings for a living.

Her father had been a decent man. He was not a good one. He had done what society expected of him, nothing more. He was not generous or kind or loving. He just did his duty with a firm resolve.

His name was Joseph. He never really liked Eve.

He had been saddled with custody of her because her mother died in childbirth. So the baby was raised under her father's uninterested gaze. Looked after, but not loved. Taken care of, but not adored.

They had been a little hard off. Sometimes Joseph had to scrape some things together for a meal, but he would never have spared a meal himself to give to his daughter.

He wasn't that kind of man.

And then he got sick. And a nice nurse at the hospital took care of him, a 'worried' aunt with too much money hovering off to the side.

Eve had like that nurse.

That nurse had liked Eve.

But Eve never really got the physical contact she craved. She was starved of it.

The kind nurse faded away into bare memories when her father fell ill enough to be moved to life support. The nurse moved on to tend to other patients.

Eve lived with the aunt, who mostly left her to her own devices.

Eve found a group.

They changed her.

And then it happened. And she turned 20. And Alex found her.

And by extent, Andrea then found her.

And she found out what it was like to have people who you could trust to have your back.

And she could slip an arm around Ellen's, wrap her fingers around Aleksander's.

Share a hug with the Leader.

The End

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