And So The Torch Is Passed OnMature

{Still in flashback}


On the ride back, nobody said anything. A mourning silence descended upon them.

They looked at the scarlet slashed across their uniforms and wonder whose blood had been spilt across the fabric. They wound tight bandages around wounds with a dull efficiency. They shut out the world.


"Because your last leader fell bravely in battle, the board has appointed a new one. Agent Andrea Carlson, alias Mocker, we give full command to the new Mocker Squad, and the task of choosing new team." Mortician's words were solemn, and they reverberated around the briefing room several times before resting in the ears of the remaining members of the Avian Squad.

Alex, Derek, and Tammy remained silent for a minute, letting the words sink in and carve themselves into their flesh first. 

Then, as one, they lifted a hand and placed the back of it against their throat, showing their scarred palms. Their other hands lay limp at their sides.

Mocker walked to them, pulling out an arrow that she had been clutching and tapping the nock against each of the palms, and watching as they lowered the appendages.

The Avain Squad died with their leader.

The Mocker Squad was born with an agent's newfound leadership.

The End

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