Breakfast With A Couple Of Regular AssassinsMature

The cat sneezed.

“Derek!” The Japanese girl yelled. “We’re out of milk!”

The man shook his head in exasperation, but pulled on his boots and a coat nevertheless. He shut the door loudly behind him, and Ellen came stumbling out of the bedroom, trailing a blanket behind her and scrubbing her face with one hand. 

Aleksander was next, emerging from his cocoon in the couch to rifle through one of the drawers, hands skimming over biscuit boxes and bread loafs and bagels and English muffins. 

“It’s no use,” Eve yawned. “We’re out of oatmeal too. Text Derek. He’s going to get milk. He can just duck by that little store on the way, the one with the nice old man who always calls him Dana and gives him candy.”

Tammy clapped her hands together gleefully. “Oh! I love that place!”

A hissing sound emerged from behind the door of the guest bedroom (really, nobody ever used it except for Rosemary, all of them preferring to find their own little corners in the flat) and slowly a head inched out, blonde hair mussed and tangled, and legs clad in Green Lantern boxers.

"Andrea! Réveillez-vous!"

"Je vais, je vais! Attendre une seconde!" A second head poked through the doorway of the main bedroom, a body following it. She rubbed her eyes, and then noticed Ellen staring at her with wide eyes. "What?" She asked.

"I... just... you're French?!" 

Sometimes Andrea forgot that Ellen was the newest member of their team. "Yes, actually. I'm from La Nouvelle-Orléans, Louisiana. The Quarter. Relatively poor part of it, though. It's a pretty old area." She shrugged.

"New Orleans?" Ellen repeated. 

"Yeah." The leader stole an apple off the counter, taking a loud bite and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "Hey, where's Derek?"

"He went to get milk and oatmeal." Tammy said from her perch on the kitchen counter. 

A squeal was heard from the guest bedroom. Rosemary's eyes were wide. She had slowly been moving towards the table. The news halted her progress. "We're out of oatmeal?!"

The lance-corporal rolled her eyes, but there was an underlying tension in her jaw. "Calm down, Derek's going to get some. Park your a*ss at a chair-" She pointed at one of the bar stools "-and eat some toast, goddammit."


 Derek came back about two minutes later, not even batting an eyelash when Rosemary lunged for the plastic bag filled with seventy-two packets of Quaker oatmeal. 

"I loooooovvveeeeee yoouuuuuu!" Rosemary slurred, still half-asleep, snatching a packet of oatmeal and quickly prepping a bowl.

Andrea handed Derek a cornmeal muffin, shooting him an amused look as the plastic grocery bag he was holding continued to be raided for milk.

They made small talk after that, Derek mentioning a nice girl that was sitting by the cafe that said hello to him, and Aleksander studiously making tea after that.

The End

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