And You Only Know You've Been Sleeping When You WakeMature


The agent jolted in her seat, eyes snapping open at the inquiry. "Uh, yes, Tammy-chan?" After a moment, her eyebrows pulled down. "I pronounced that correctly, right?"

A light laugh was heard from the doorway, where the Japanese Archer was leaning against the doorframe. Her thick black hair was swept onto her shoulder, and it seemed to be rapidly escaping from the confines of its braid.

"It's alright, Heichou. I don't expect you to use foreign honorifics in a language you're unfamiliar with." She smirked a little, though her expression retained it's aura of softness. "Besides, we all know that your Japanese sucks."

Andrea pulled a mock-hurt expression, and then changed it back to one of friendly defensiveness. "Hey! I can speak French almost fluently, and I'm pretty decent at German, Russian, Hebrew, and Korean." 

Tammy let an amused smile slide onto her lips. "You know, maybe you should go to bed..." She said, gesturing to the documents that Andrea had fallen asleep on, still clutching her pen. 

"Well, I guess. They're just official debriefs, anyways." She looked down at the papers, considering.

Tammy had know better than to try and move her lance corporal while she was sleeping. The agent had instant reflexes, even sleeping, and because her body was resting, it would have taken Tammy as a threat, and acted on instinct and acquired knowledge over the years. Habit.

Agent Carlson was their leader for a reason. 

She had earned the title 'lance corporal' in the marines, working in the US. The girl was almost a legend, a ghost story told when the water was quiet and the sky said nothing. She had clawed her way up through the ranks by sheer determination.

In all reality, Tammy should be referring to Andrea using -sama, not -chan.

But I guess if you bleed out on someone's floor enough times, you get to know them pretty well.

"Come, Andea-chan, let's go to bed."

And she led her captain out, ignoring the ink smudged on her cheek from dozing on legal documents until morning.

The End

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