Information On A Need-To-Know BasisMature

"Oh, shut up." Andrea swiftly pulled a gun from the waistband of the sweatpants that she was wearing. They hung low on her hips, but a loose oversized white tee shirt made up for that as it billowed around her torso as she pointed the gun at her superior.

Mortician rolled his eyes. "Really, Agent Carlson, I thought that you were more professional than that." He pushed past her, ignoring the firearm pressed against the side of his head.

He gave her a look. She sighed and lowered the weapon. "It's our off day. We just completed a three-day op where four of us got hypothermia, two of us got the flu, and Alex has frostbite in his toes." She sneezed, as if to prove her point.

Mortician shot her an unimpressed look. "I'm not here about your mission, Leader."

Andrea narrowed her eyes suspiciously as she sat down, feeling wobbly on her legs (hypothermia did that to you, but she was rather that she got hypothermia than Derek got frostbite. He had prevented Ellen from getting frostbite, but in turn left himself open) and nursing the beginnings of a headache.

"Fine, but keep it quick and quiet. The members of my squad are trying to sleep." She scowled.

The man sat, but looked extremely uncomfortable as he appeared to squeeze the words out of his throat. "Well, you see, Mocker..."

Her guards were up at the mention of her handle, and she snapped "What?"

Mortician cleared his throat.

"Yoursisterthreatenedoneofouragentsinordertofindoutwhereyouwereandshemightbeinahol-dingcellrightnow." He mumbled.

She just stared uncomprehendingly, and he repeated it again, reluctantly.

"Your sister.." Mortician trailed off, seemingly nervous at her reaction. She resisted the urge to chuck something st him to get him to say more. "Well, she may have threatened one of our agents in order to find out where you were," He ran through the sentence quickly. "and she might..." He rushed the words out "be in a holding cell right now."

"What." The girl stated, not phrasing it as a question. "I thought I sent her an email."

"Well, you see," Mortician cleared his throat uncomfortably. "She might have..." He coughed. "She might have, um, left an email about the fact that her email crashed, and telling you to email her personal one..."

Andrea's eyes narrowed. "I sent a goddamn email to her letting her know that I was going to be away for three days, because I know that once she completed the surgery, she would be asking where I was because she gets so goddamn nervous after spending so much uninterrupted time in the lab. Because she's a f*cking genius, and she gets..." The Archer took a deep breath, steadying herself.

When she felt that she was calm enough, her eyes flicked open. "This is essential information that could potentially affect my action on the field. I require updates such as this as soon as possible. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to do. Like contact my own sister, Agent Morgan."

Mortician flinched at the use of his professional name, and Andrea stormed off.

The End

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