Relevant Clothing ChoicesMature

A/N: The Archers' clothing may be faintly reminiscent of Attack On Titan...

The Archers were elite. The best of the best.

They were the failsafe.

Each Archer wore off-white jean-like pants, with knee high black socks, kept up by elastics connected to their belts (kind of like suspenders, actually), worn ankle-high leather boots, light brown in color. Loose gray linen shirts were next, and then jackets that weren't meant to button up. The jackets cut off before the waist, and were medium thickness.

Black ropes wound their way in intricate knots around each Archer's torso. All of them did their ropes differently. They provided a place to put blade sheaths, gun holsters, and other things.

Archer jackets were different colors according to rank and skill level. The leader's was burgundy, the second in commands' were navy, and the backup's were dark green. The others were a blackened violet.

Their handles were all related to birds somehow, to make them easier to remember. Andrea's was Mocker, Ellen was Loon, Eve was Coal, Alex was Goldfinch, Aleksander was Warbler, Derek was Blackbird, and Tammy was Sparrow.

Andrea was the leader, bearing a burgundy jacket the color of dried blood or spilt wine. Aleksander and Eve were her second in commands, and Derek and Tammy bore dark green jackets.

Alex and Ellen wore almost-black violet jackets, the insignia stitched in light gray, like on all of them.

The back of two wings, stretched out as if for flight, and a single arrow with the feathers towards the top, the tip pointing straight down, as if dividing the symbol in two.

The End

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