Harley Davison

        Being dead isn't as bad as people think. It's actually quite freeing. It actually feels amazing.  There are many ways to die. Some methods are easier and quicker than others. Using a gun  to kill somebody is probably the most effective. It  happens so quickly it doesn't  hurt. The pain receptors can not detect the shock of the bullet quick enough. It just looks like it does. It's the last few moments that hurt the most. It's not the pain of the wound that hurts. The wound itself doesn't hurt. It's the pain, the pain of leaving the people you love behind that hurts the most.




        "Why are you both in here?" I heard a low grunmbling  voice  in the darkness of the room. 

        "Caramel Apple Pie," I cursed quietly under my breath. I looked around.  I saw a man in the corner of Carlie's bed room. When I look away, I saw the figure disappear out of the corner of my eye.

         It's not real.


        "What," Carlie said giggling, laughing at my sudden outburst.

        "I want some Caramel Apple Pie," I whispered, quietly.  I could have told her I thought I saw an Officer in her bedroom, but I don't want to startle her. I don't want her to overreact. She had a tendency to  overreact often. She tended to get nervous around other people she didn't know.

        "No, Harley, you're hiding something from me. I want to know what it is," she said curiously.

        "Carlie, you're just going to freak out if I tell you. Now is definitely not the time to freak out," I said suddenly feeling a little defensive.

        "I won't freak out, I promise, just tell me," she  said, as she raised her voice.

        "Carlie, I'm not going to tell you. You're already overreacting. I haven't even said anything yet."

        "You don't tell me anything, anymore," she said feeling hurt.

        I could hear footsteps from down the hallway, approaching the door. Uh oh. We're gonna get caught, I think to myself. Carlie was my girlfriend. She was beautiful. She had long curly brown hair. Her eyes were dark brown.

        My relationship with Carlie has been strained for a while. It hasn't always been this way. Carlie and I used to be so much closer. We used to do everything together. We would go to Disneyland, sometimes, and ride all the rides. After that we would go to California Adventures and ride some more rides. We would have so much fun together. We would laugh together. We would watch movies at each other's houses. It was perfect. I thought it was, until our relationship changed forever.

        I found out, eightth grade year, Carlie had managed to hook up with Colton, my best friend. At first, I was pissed. I was mad at Carlie, and I was mad at my best friend. It took me months to put it behind me. I couldn't believe it, especially with the government tracking our every move. Something like that feels impossible, but then again, I'm not surprised they were able to do it. If anybody can go around bending rules, it's Colton. That dude is smart. When he does decide to do something risky, he has everything planned out before hand.  Most of the time, he has back up plans for his back up plans, just in case something doesn't go according to plan. Anna doen't know about Colton's affair, since she didn't start dating Colton until a year later.

        The door to Carlie's bedroom opened. Crap. I forgot to lock the door. Carlie looked at me angered. Her expression seemed to scream, "You idiot, you forgot to lock the door, now what?" I just smiled at her. She's harmless, although she can be a little intimidating at times. I managed to forgive her. I don't know why, but I did. Like I said she's harmless, but she can be pretty tough. I like tough girls, I like girls with spirit. I like girls who are sweet, yet strong when they need to be, if the opportunity ever arose.

         Three men, in  white astronaut like suits approached us. Luckily, they couldn't see us in the dark. We hid undeneath the blanket. We tried our best  not to stay visible, but despite our best attempts, we suddenly were found on the bed. They grabbed us roughly off the bed, and dropped us onto our feet. They tugged, tightly, on our shirts as we walked through the house. Carlie, being the spirited girl she is, thrashed her arms around, hitting the Officers violently and aimlessly. The Officers tied her arms with rope, behind her back. She screamed as the rope pressed firmly against her wrists. Carlie can be sweet, but she can also be very violent when she felt threatened. 

        "Carlie, stop, it's okay. Don't be scared. I want you to relax," The Officer said in a soft tone.

        "Let. Me Go," she screamed. The Officer kept pulling swiftly against her because she was trying to get away. "Harley! Help me," she screamed into the darkness of the room. 

        "It's okay. I know you're scared. Look at me, Carlie. We'll be killed, but that's okay. At least we'll be together. We'll live together. It won't be what we were used to, but we'll still be together. That's what we're fighting for right," I said as I grasped her hands firmly. She stared at me, her blue eyes filled with tears. "I love you," I whispered softly  before the light disappeared from my vision.



The End

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