A short hilarious comedy.
Suoh Mikoto fiction.

Kusanagi has just finished his habitual shower. He was walking down the stairs with a damp cotton towel caressing his head.

He trod before the bar, only to hear a crack beneath his feet, similar to the sound produced when smashing broken glass.



He sent an evil glance towards the stuff as if he has foreseen what it was.

He knelt down.

"Glass, eh?"

He acted cool while picking up a piece, sending shivers down its broken spine.

He smelled it skillfully.


He thought for a while.


He mumbled to himself.

"Red wine."

He was certain.

"There're few people in this house who would drink this wine, but wouldn' careless to clean after their own shit."

He altered the evil glance upstairs.

"I'll find you."

He pinched the piece broken.

His finger bled.


He cleaned the mess up.



At lunchtime, it was normal. Everyone was chattering, sipping their drinks, fighting, then laughing.

Kusanagi, however, hasn't changed his expression since morning. The devious eyes were still fixed on his head, studying the faces of his suspects on the table.
"Aren'chu gonna eat your chicken breast, Kusanagi-san?!", Tatara broke down his thoughts.

"Aa, aah..!", Kusanagi dug in, stabbing the food with a manufactured fork.

No way! He suddenly thought, then looked at the red king, Mikoto.

"Could it be?", his lips mumbled with no actual sound.

Mikoto was sitting a distance away on the couch. He has finished his meal long ago, and was already chewing on a smoke. He turned his face towards the wall the moment he saw Kusanagi's eyes examining his hooded ember ones.
He seems nervous, Kusanagi thought, then concluded that he'll investigate with him later.


Around sunset, the members of Homra were gobbling on a cake of mixed berries they've bought nearby. Kusanagi was serving the good wine, except for little Anna.

She asked him politely if she can try some, he, surely, denied her request.

Anna flushed angry, she blew her cheeks.

She asked Mikoto, she knew he won't say the word 'No' to her wishes. He never did at least.

He accepted. 

Kusanagi yelled at him.

Mikoto clicked his tongue, "You're loud... It won't hurt to have a sip. Heck... it was believed that alcohol's good for children to drink before...", Mikoto defended himself.

Kusanagi yelled some more, then grabbed himself the chance to add, whispering in a manner only Mikoto can hear, his vein throbbing clear on his temple: 

"Suoh-kun, I wonder what was that broken wine glass I'v seen on the floor this morning?? hmm?"
Mikoto choked on his drink. He coughed twice, hoping to grab everyone's attention.

He succeeded. 

"What did you do to Mikoto-san? Kusanagi! Stop bothering the king!!", said Yata, spitting cake on his face.

Kusanagi sighed, slapping his forehead. 



In the evening, it was usual for the king to have few drinks before bed time. 

"He isn't there anyhow!?", Kusanagi breathed out the fire within him.

He waited some more at the bar until his majesty arrived.

Mikoto was ready for his trial, he was rubbing the back of his neck, clearly sweating on his gorgeous forehead.
He sat down on the bar.

Kusanagi waited, indifferently looking towards him behind the bar, waiting for a sign to start the drama.
"S-sorry..", Mikoto uttered.

Kusanagi swallowed.

"It was my bad...", he continued, looking down at the clean bar-table.

Kusanagi sighed, then licked his lips.

"I forgive you, next time please be more responsible for your actions, will'ya?! Clean after yerself at least!"

"Right. Double Turkey Bourbon on the rocks, please.", Mikoto pointed at the shelf behind him abruptly.

"Ru-rude!!!", Kusanagi shouted at the ceiling, dropping the bottle he was holding.

It broke, and spilled a good brand of alcohol on the floor.

"Oh~", Mikoto mocked.

After few seconds have passed with silence, both blinking at the broken material.

"Sh-shut up!!", Kusanagi flushed, pointing at the king's nose.
"No-no.. I haven't said a thing...", Mikoto shrugged, looking away.
Kusanagi leaned down to clean, face's red.

He stood up again.

"Mikoto,", he called him in a serious manner, granting Mikoto's attention.
"You do it.", Kusanagi stretched the hand with the damp towel, flushed.

"Are you angry?", Mikoto wondered or so, taking the gift from his hand.
He slapped it right back to Kusanagi's face, then started to rub it around its features.

"You're on heat. Let me help you cool down.", Mikoto added, sitting on the long the bar-table.

Kusanagi straggled and muffled until he broke away, "Enough of this-!!"



"Eh?", both of them looked down.

It was Kusanagi's glasses this time.

Mikoto rushed to the floor to rub the previously spilled alcohol, hoping to let Kusanagi's flames cool down, "ugh..!", he glanced at Kusanagi's intimidating figure standing next to him.

He started rubbing harder, and faster.

Kusanagi grabbed yet another bottle, then stood behind the convict.

"Ne... Kingu.."

Mikoto slid his eyes rightwards to the massive evil shadow that has devoured his frame which seemed to be small that moment.
"Wanna drink?? Kingu...?!", a wicked smirk took over Kusanagi's face, slapping the big bottle of wine on his palm.

Mikoto grunted, "I'm -sorry...", he slapped the towel to the floor, then jogged upstairs.

Kusanagi looked desperately at the mess around the bar. With a big sigh.

Mikoto came back soon after, and -quickly- grabbed a bottle of the Turkey he wanted to drink, then sprinted upstairs again.

Kusanagi's still.

The red trouble came back yet again, walking slowly and cautious this time, just as a cat walking on a mantel. He was looking at the still figure of aggression standing at the bar in each pause.

He grabbed a glass, then took off, peeking at Kusanagi for sometime before going upstairs.

Kusanagi sipped from the big bottle he was holding after hearing the door slam.

"This is offhand.."






The End

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