Of Boyfriends & Hamsters

When class ended for lunch, I followed Kae, Corey, and my boyfriend Tristan to the cafeteria. On the way there, Jess, and the twins joined us. Kae kept a tight hand on my arm while we walked in, after seeing me cringe at just the huge double doors of the cafeteria. Yes, I am that pathetic. Tristan walked on my left, his hands shoved into his pockets as he sauntered along. Pft. Whatever, Mr. Cool-Cat.

I bit my lip as we neared a table all the way to the back. Was it really necessary to sit so far away? What was wrong with one of the other tables…? Tables that were closer, much closer, to the door. The sweet, sweet door. I sighed mournfully. Tristan collapsed coolly onto a bench on one side and Kae pushed me over to sit next to him. She hemmed my right side as Tristan blocked my left. What? It wasn’t like I would run away or anything. I would never… The others sat around us on the other three sides of the table. I folded my arms across my chest defiantly and grumbled to the table.

“God, I feel like a caged animal.”

Six pairs of eyes swiveled over to stare at me.

“Like a mouse!” I exclaimed, still to the table.

I heard a low chuckle. I looked over into Tristan’s amused face. “Babe, you’re not a mouse. Mice are small. And easily killed. You’re more of a… hamster.”

Everyone’s eyes widened as they turned to look at him. Thank you, dear friends, for that vote of confidence. Dating Tristan has improved my sarcastic streak, I noted with glee. I then noticed the pause and turned to gape at him. “Are you suggesting that I’m fat?”

He shrugged noncommittally, his face still amused. I was horrified. I was fat. I was fat.

Kae grinned, shooting Tristan a look. “Honey, calm down. You’re not fat.”

I pouted. “Yes I am. Look at my stomach jiggle.” I then proceeded to jab my stomach. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as Kae shot Tristan another quick look. God it was true. I wasfat. Tristan rolled his eyes at me and grabbed my finger in his hand as I moved to poke at my stomach again.

“Babe.” Oh god, the way that he endeared the word should be illegal. It was too damn sexy. He smoothed my shirt down slowly with one hand as his other caressed my finger.

“You’re not fat. Stop harming your bodily organs, you need those.”

I pouted again. “Not both of my kidneys I don’t. I only need one of them to survive. I don’t need my stomach either, I can feed intravenously. And I can just hibernate in winter to cut back on expenses.”

Tristan rolled his eyes again, but his lips curled up slightly into a small smile. I found myself smiling too. Man, I was so whipped.

The End

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