Of Gerbils & Linoleum

Just then Foster walked by. He flicked his eyes towards us before he did a double take and spun around. He grabbed me by my arms and heaved me up, setting me on my feet gently. “What happened, Kels?”

I shot Shannah a dark look. She cowered when she realized that if I decided to, I could ruin her. Sometimes it helped knowing that your brother was the most popular guy in school. “Nothing, I just tripped.”

“You… tripped. On linoleum.” He repeated in disbelief.

Yes dear brother, sometimes I surprise even myself.

Foster chuckled, making the nearby girls swoon at the sound and myself inwardly scoff. “That’s so typical you, Kelsey.”

Foster ruffled my hair before pushing me gently in the direction of my friends. “Try to keep yourself safe alive. I’ll see you, Kels.” He waved goodbye before turning to see Ryu and greeting him loudly.

I blame it all on karma.

Just before school ended last year, I had stolen Anthony Michaels’ pet gerbil as revenge and left it outside accidentally. So the dumb thing had to wander out onto the road and was run over by a car. I discovered it after school, it looked like a cardboard gerbil by then, and the maniac that ran over it probably went back and forth on the poor thing, judging by the repetitive patterns of tire skid marks on it and the road itself.

Damn karma.

The End

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