Prologue: Part 2Mature

As I walked through the doorway I felt a sigh if relief part my lips and was glad to hear two more accompany it. I was not the only one on tenterhooks the whole way home. Though Aden and I held hands, and though Aiala moved forward with her normal grace and kind of iridescent glow I could tell we were all waiting for something to happen.
Demons to have escaped.
Witnesses to cause havoc.

For though humans saw no magic, demons or rift, it took no super-human skills to feel evil was afoot. To investigate further and to lift the veil of secrecy that kept them shrouded in their own little world. All it ever took was one inquisitive teenager out on a late night walk to lift the veil and see exactly the pure mayhem that would unfold like frosted glass melting away.


But nothing. Not a whisper of trouble. It was almost too good to be true. I tried not t think of it as I opened the fridge to get some form of sustenance for us after our draining pursuits of the evening. I pushed the buttons on the microwave tentatively, afraid with my new strength that I would start to break things.
We sat at the table and silently ate as heartily as manners would allow.

When we were finished a deafening silence hung in the air, wanting to be broken, begging to be shattered by conversation but threatening that should it, consequences would follow.
I dared.

"Tonight went well I thought?"

"Yes, yes, very well indeed" Aiala agreed. But something was amiss, she sounded almost afraid. A tone I had NEVER heard from her before.

"Almost too well." Aden added.


I dared again.

"I don't know what it was guys, it scared me as much as it empowered me and I'm sure you felt the same."
"It did scare me somewhat, I didn't know what exactly was happening. I felt a momentous surge of power within me and the curiosity to use it took over, so I gave into curiosity. I must say, I am glad I did, or we would still be their." Aiala reinforced exactly how I had been feeling.

Aden just nodded.

"What's wrong Faolan, cant got your tongue?" This lightened the mood considerably. We all laughed.

" I am no 'little wolf' to you. I would take you any day."

"Perhaps, but who would remain victorious is obvious to me." She winked playfully at him to show she meant no harm to his fragile male ego.

"Yes. Me." Was his slightly indignant retort.

"Do not get you're hopes up."

"I don't need to."

"Guys, guys, take a chill pill, I would destroy you BOTH!"

"Can't argue their, you don't play fair." Winked Aden

"After tonight, it seems as though you most certainly would." Aiala said bringing our attention back to the phenomenon of the evening.

"I don't know what it was, but I love it." I said unsheathing my FireSwords, harmless to those I wished them to be, and causing them to blaze. To make more of a point I wreathed both Aden and Aiala in harmless fire.

"Never. EVER. Do that again." Aden said, checking to make sure his hair was not singed and his complection remained perfect.

"I concur, please refrain. However intriguing this new power is, perhaps we should investigate it under more desirable circumstances?" She gestured to Aden, nearly falling asleep.

As I led him to the bedroom I couldn't help but notice Aiala playing with her Bolts, designing  them into shapes, an otter, gracefully backstroking through the air and a gazelle, bounding around her, leaving it's wispy tail around her.
She saw me looking and quickly they faded to nothing. The smart comment I was going to make about 'more desirable circumstances' didn't need saying. She knew.


I lay down on the bed, completely relaxed, falling into Aden's arms and cuddling him. I closed my eyes and switched off  completely. Not worrying  myself with the nights events. Not worrying about loose demons, or witnesses. Not allowing any of it to enter my unconscious thoughts. I would dream happy dreams that night. We all slept long and deep, recuperating our powers and energy.

The End

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