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Prologue: Part I

As I walked silently down the street I could feel eyes on me.
But that was good.
It meant that it wouldn't... Or hopefully shouldn't go wrong.
I could only hope.

As I approached the park my senses tingled, everything seemed brighter, sharper, and clearer. I could make out the smallest, seemingly insignificant details. Things that anyone else would have taken entirely no notice of; the wing beats of an owl overhead, the ever so faint lick of breeze collecting a few strands of my hair and cooling my ears, a street-light intermittently flashing on and off 3 blocks away, the slight ripples of the new cement under my feet, the sound of a leaf hitting the grass across the street.

It was then I realized she was there with me.

She must have known I knew she was there, because she landed next to me, unveiling her-self and landing ever so gracefully that it seemed her feet didn't touch the ground. As I looked upon her magical beauty she changed; from Seraphim Ari'el, a Lion of God, deadly Angelic Assassin, and Vampiric temptress. Her wings neatly folding behind her till they melded to the skin of her back, leaving perfect ink stains on her skin. In this transformation she became her human, Ourworld, form Aiala, a Light in times of dark. This fluid manoeuvre, perfected in her young 380 years allowed her to walk in our realm without detection. Her eyes glowed their pure, dark, deep blue and as I stared into the windows of her soul I realized now more than ever just how safe I was in her presence. I knew she would take a bullet for me.
But tonight, it was not mere bullets we would be facing.
I dreaded to think.
With my Seraphim protector Ari'el, but more importantly my best friend Aiala beside me, I would be forever safe.

If she was there, he would be too.
It was just then I saw him, creeping from shadow to shadow, part of them. If you weren't looking for him, you would have missed him, passed him off as yet another harmless black thing in the dark street. Yet this child of death was far more deadly than any shadow you had encountered before.
He was a demon.
A ware-wolf.
A shape-shifter.
My Boyfriend.

As he tore himself away from the shadows that masked his form (A process I still was not used to seeing, even after all this time) He jumped over the street in one leap, his hind legs leaving cracks in the bitumen. As he leapt he transformed in mid air, first his snout, canines carved to a point turned into human teeth and his ears shrunk, his claws, carved to long blades retracted to black nails and his tail shrunk to nothing. His black shaggy coat smoothing into tanned, taught skin. His eyes however, stayed the same.
Black. With Sanguine pupils.
The colour of the blood that ran in his veins. They seemed so real you'd think they might ooze real blood. The black, almost shone, and intimidated anyone but me. I was used to them. He was my Aedseff.
My FireWolf.
Though in this, Ourworld form, he was my Aden.
My fire. 

As he approached I stopped.
Aiala kept walking.
I smiled in adoration.
Both at her tolerance, and at him in general. I loved the space she gave us and the fact that she just knew we could barely keep off each other.

Every time he walked towards me, I could look into his burning eyes and feel the flame within me. I could feel his lust, his desire, his passion, his love for me. It was almost like what I imagine reading someone's mind would be like. Although rather than just their ideas... Their thoughts. It was raw emotions.
Sometimes though, what I felt chilled me to the bone.


After our incredibly passionate embrace in the shadows we ran to catch up with Aiala.
Right now was one of those times that if you had a Stethoscope you would not only hear my heartbeat rapidly increasing from anticipation and adrenalin but also my bones crack with the deadly chill I could feel from Aden.
I felt hate like I had never known was possible to feel.

What drove him to feel this so strongly was the same as every other time. Every encounter he got this almost glazed look in his eyes, a determined scowl of utter contempt covered his face and a want to taste blood took hold so strongly that even I, only reading his emotions, could feel myself wanting slaughter.

What drove us to the park that night; what made him feel such complete hatred, and what made me reveal my true form as a Hybrid, was what had been drawing us to parks, churches, cornfields, hotel rooms, warehouses, docks and everywhere in between for centuries.
A portal to the Underworld had been opened.
A floodgate for Demons to Ourworld overflowed.
It was a BloodFeud that needed fighting.
A war that needed winning.


We approached the park from different angles, and as I walked along the grass I was unfortunate to be downwind. The chilling air was infused with the foul stench of Demon which filled my nostrils, and, were I not used to it, it would have had me bent double retching. The rotten, burnt smell of hell rising from the slowly expanding pit that had been hewn through the sandpit merely served to fuel my pure rage these days, rather than turn me off EVER eating again as it had once done.
As soon as it hit midnight we converged.

At first the Demons knew not what was happening, tipped off merely to something's presence from the Pure odour of Ari'el transformed being. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aedseff creeping from shadow to shadow till he was amongst the evil darkness cast by the hell creatures.
He liked to be in the middle of it all, that one.
Had to be the centre of things.

He erupted from the centre of the huddled, chanting demons uttering Malicious incantations, strengthening the bond between the Underworld and Ourworld (so bigger, more evil beings could enter our realms. Beings to be truly feared). The ones closest to him flew high in the air, only to twist around and land back on their feet, one however was not so lucky, he was caught in mid air by Ari'els Bolt of pure, un-taintable energy. As the bolt spliced through it, its skin tore and seared, it's blood boiled and it was left a smoking heap on the ground.

In the second this had taken to occur Aedseff had already tasted his own first blood. As the second wave had awakened from their trance-like state from the death wails of their kin he had unsheathed his ClawSwords, nearly a foot long and so sharp they sliced through skin, bone and metal like a hot knife through butter.
And they did.
With a passion and bloodlust.

One rushed towards him, only to be back-slashed, and as he spun back around to face another, with the same momentum he skewered it's head, jaw snapping, spine breaking, blood leaking like tears as it flew up in the air from the sheer force of the blow.
I thought it was about my time to step in.
So I did.

Clothing myself in nothing but a light, thin material with nothing but a thought. Three Demons came at me at once and two of their swords, wreathed in an unnaturally evil flame, went to slice opposite sides of my torso. They shattered into a million pieces on the cloth and the flames enveloped me, erupting from their hilts until I silenced them with two pinching motions. I returned with my own flame. Blue. Emanating from my hands, the flame forming two swords, with these I cut their heads from their shoulders and with less than a thought, my swords still in contact with them, turned their blood to pure fire. The third, now motionless (Which was saying something for a demon) stood before me.

I felt pity for in some odd way.
I wished it to know more than mindless, consuming evil. But they would never change. We had tried. I sliced with a FireSword and it lay in the grass for me to step over.

I walked towards the battle, engaging them two or three at a time till I was a mindless berserker, almost only flailing my swords.
Although it took more skill than that to kill a Demon. There were weak spots, yes but spots you had to hit before they were entirely dead. For even with my magic and the incantations of Ari'el, a Demon not killed properly could be revived by any junior shaman of the depths, and that was just annoying!


I could see the group getting smaller and smaller, the demons fearing us more and more, I grew with this sudden boost of confidence, my swords flaring, and from my mind 8 Demons around me erupted in pure blue flame, dead in an instant. I was overcome with pleasure (new record) when before, merely 5 or 6 would have drained me. I went harder, flames now blazing, severing them with almost no effort what-so-ever. I could feel the others too and as they saw me I think I felt fear. But also pride. they too felt their powers grow, Ari'el cast her Bolts two at a time in flight at the same time as throwing spells to stop sword strokes dead in the air, helping Aedseff.
Not that he needed it.

He too was fighting like never before, his Clawswords seemed not only longer, but sharper (if that was possible) and the seemed to vibrate with energy. He glowed, his eyes blacker than they had been and penetrating.
Even I could not hold their gaze.

We finished up the group easily with thI newfound power and the last of them fell to the ground: It's head torn in half with Aedseff's Clawswords, cut off from its body with my Firesword, and as I held it's almost-corpse in the air by my other sword, it was blown apart by Ari'el's Bolt destroying it.


We looked at each other somewhat taken aback, but said nothing. Instead we got to work making the gruesome scene disappear. Ari'el started with her Purifying magic to rid the place of bodies and the blood splattered like water from a hose. Aedseff made quick work of any demon that came through the rift. I then set the playgrounds ablaze to hide any remaining evidence.
Except for the Sandpit.
That require all three of us.

It required us combine our power to seal the rift entirely and properly. We slowly knitted it back together, which was draining and tiring. Though it was much faster than before, with our newfound increases in strength.


The scene was once again that of a park playground. Though now it was charred and smouldering. I made sure though to control the fire, to JUST the playground, no need for senseless burning.
That was the will of the Demons.
Not those who would claim to oppose them.
We turned around and walked away, toward home.

The End

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