Of Things Past

Xyugen Zazz was living his dream. He had spent the better part of a lifetime travelling the world, seeing the sights, meeting extraordinarily ordinary people. He had hiked through Europe by the time he was 22. Sat in Ashram for 5 years in his thirties. He was not alone, he had made friends and even lovers. He had lived with a woman, Natalie, in a hut in the Congo for a few years, learning about the people there and seeing how they lived. One morning he just got up, left a note “It was great, love” and was onto his next journey. He never liked the idea of being rooted in any particular place, he was an avid book lover, read all the great works. For money he had done all types of work over the years. From being a janitor in Turkey, to working on an Alaskan oil rig. He had lived a full life, a rich life. Never regretted anything.

One day though, while in New York, he passes by an accounting firm. Something piques his interest, he goes inside. He begins to remember when he was a child and his name was Charles Goldberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Goldberg, of Goldberg Accounting.

From a very young age he was groomed for accounting. Other kids got alphabet soup, he was number soup. He was given math equations to figure out what was for dinner. The thing was he remembered having a real knack for it. He even enjoyed it.

He decided that he would change his appearance, sneak in to the firm, try it out, he thought “how many people ask you if you’re in the right place when it’s an accounting firm?” He trimmed his beard, found a suit at a second hand store, and came to work the next morning. He didn’t use his new name or his old name. What’s another identity?

So there he was first day of “work”, outside of Jay and Gold Accounting Firm. Upon entrance everything felt so exotic to him, suited people filled the building, typing away, writing away. He became wide-eyed, went to the coffee room and asked if it’s like this every day, people just stared at him. He found himself a desk with a stack of papers, filled with numbers, such glorious numbers, 3217.95, 43200.98, 7500.34, they just kept going. He began adding them, dividing them, figuring out dividends, he was in a craze, the passion leapt through his skin. He was as if in a trance, he didn’t take a  break the whole day and worked into the night. He went back to the apartment he was crashing in, began describing to his friend (one of his many from his travels) about the rush he felt, using the calculator, inputting numbers, seeing them move across the screen. He felt as if he never wanted to stop. He came in again and again, obviously his work was not unnoticed the boss wanted to know who this employee is, where he had worked before, how he had never heard of him. Xyugen was called into the office. He was offered a promotion and a raise, it was then that Xyugen realized who the boss was, Jay, his older brother. He ran out of the building, and back to the apartment. He left a note, “Been fun, Love” and off he was. Another chapter in his adventures.  

The End

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