Of the SunMature

Love, sex and relief in a hotel room.

            Two nights at the Del Sol Hotel were affordable for Michael. It had been a while since he and Ana had spent the night outside of their apartment and they needed the time to relax. The hotel, plainly called The Sol by the locals, was a fourteen story edifice in Orlando, Florida. It enjoyed a heavy influx of tourists with its location twenty minutes from the amusement parks and the availability of rooms was almost always certain.

            “We can’t afford to be spending money on this right now, Michael. We should have just stayed home.”

            “Have you seen their pool? Did you look at it online like I told you to? It’s huge! They actually have two of them; they’re both huge.”

            “What do you need two pools for?”

            “We’ll get in one tonight and go to a different one in the morning. Then again tomorrow night and one more time before check-out.”

            “When is check-out?”

            “11 a.m. We can pack the night before so we don’t rush in the morning.”

            There were rows of palm trees at the hotel. Everywhere he looked Michael saw them, towering and friendly. The wind moved the palms lightly. “Good. A slight breeze is always good.”

            The sun was still peeking over the horizon when they checked in. There was a group of kids with backpacks and luggage standing behind Michael at the line of the front desk. They all had on the same blue t-shirts that read “Service is Key” in bold yellow letters. He approached the desk after the couple in front of him had finished.

            “Hi. Reservation for Michael Benson.”

            “Hello, Mr. Benson. May I have your credit card and ID please?”

“Sure thing.” Michael glanced over at the woman’s shirt where her name tag was. “Sure thing, Katie.” She smiled at him and began blinking her eyes rapidly. Ana, who had been standing in the middle of the lobby with their bags, saw the smile and thought nothing of it. A lot of women smiled at Michael. They smiled; they winked; they even gave him their phone numbers; but Ana thought nothing of it. She knew he was good looking and pleasant. He lit up a room with his brown eyes and bright face and she knew all of her friends and his friends thought he was too good for her; but still Ana thought nothing of it. She didn’t want to be at this hotel—or any hotel, for that matter. She would have rather spent the night at the movies with Michael watching the dramedy he wanted to go see. They would have stopped by a supermarket beforehand and bought candy and chips and soda that they could have snuck in inside her purse, and they could have used the movie theatre gift card she had won at a raffle last month to pay for one of the tickets. Instead they were here, at the Del Sol Hotel, spending $450.00 for two nights of staying in a room.

            “What a dumb name,” she thought. “Del Sol. It’s at most 72 degrees in here. What sun is 72 degrees?” Before long Michael had come up to her with the room cards.

            “One for you and one for me.”


            “Okay, I know this isn’t the place you want to be in right now, but keep a positive attitude. I think you’re gonna like it. It’s as good a place as any to re-lax. Come on; say it with me: relax.”

            “We could have relaxed at home. Or on the couch. In bed. In the balcony. We could be home drinking margaritas.”

            “Did you not pack the tequila and mixer?”

            “I did; I’m just saying we could have gotten drunk at home instead of here. What’s with all those kids?”

            “Some club convention. A bunch of high school kids from all over the state are here and they’ll be having meetings and events in the ballrooms.”

            “How do you know?”

            “I asked Katie.”

            “Who’s Ka—“

            “The girl at the front desk.”

            “What floor are we on?”

            “8th. Come on. The elevators are this way.”

            “Those are for floors one through seven. 8th floor elevators are over this way. Didn’t Katie tell you?”

            When they got to the room the first thing Michael did was look out the window. The sun hadn’t finished setting and there were lines of palm trees between it and the hotel; the shadows they cast ran deep against the ground and down towards the hotel.

            “You gonna stand there all day? Come on, let’s have a drink.”

            “Right. Did you bring my shot glass?”

            “Close the curtains, will ya? And yes, I did. I brought the one with your initials and the small round one.”

            Ana began unpacking and handed Michael the bottles and glasses He poured himself some tequila and began preparing her margarita.

            “Can you pass me the salt?”


            “You forgot the—“

            “Yes. Ugh, damn it! I forgot the salt.”

            “That’s okay. The hotel has a small shop by the pool. I’ll go buy while you finish unpacking.”

            “Don’t even think about it! They’ll charge you hotel prices for that salt. We could buy eight pounds with the money you’re about to go spend.”

            “So a margarita with no salt coming up.”

            “Scrap the margarita; just pour me some tequila.”

            “I love you.”

There was a growing sound of voices coming from outside their door that grew louder and louder. They heard the trampling of feet and the high pitched laughter of girls coming from the hall. Michael opened the door and saw a procession of blue t-shirts walking down the hall. Four of them stopped at the door to his left while the continued.

            “Hi. Excuse me, girls.” They girls stopped shuffling about and all stared at him. “Are all of you guys here on this floor? All of your group I mean.”

            The girls were soaking up his looks in silence. The eldest amongst them, by no more than a few months, broke the silence with her high voice. She scanned over his whole body as she spoke.

            “No, just us and the girls in the room next to us. There’s more of us down that way but they’re pretty far away.”

            “Oh, perfect. I was just asking; I wanted to gauge tonight’s noise level.”

            “Oh, there’ll definitely be noise. Us girls are gonna stay up late and talk and listen to music. You could join us if you like. Just knock.”

            The girl seemed livelier all of a sudden, emboldened by the giggling of her friends and the mixed looks of horror and pleasure on their faces.

            “Oh my god! Rebecca!” said her blonde friend, grinning through her shocked expression. “He’s like twenty five!”

“I’m twenty seven, actually.”

“And we’re all eighteen. What’s the problem? Besides, he seems nice. Aren’t you nice?”

“I am, but I’m going to have to pass. Thanks for the offer though.”

Inside the room Ana had laid down on the bed. It was bigger than the one they had back home. It was cushy too. She stared at the ceiling and wondered if breakfast was complimentary. She also wondered how long it would be before she found another job. The ceiling was smooth. It didn’t have the bumps and ridges most other ceilings had. It made her feel at ease. She was about to kick off her shoes when she heard more giggling. She stood up, picked up the glass of tequila that Michael had poured himself and drank it. She opened her mouth wide after swallowing it and stuck out her tongue in partial disgust. She remembered why it was that she preferred mixed drinks over hard liquor. After the sour taste had left her tongue she started for the door.

“Are you here alone?” asked the girl.

“No. Actually I’m here with my fiancé. Her name is Ana. Do you girls want to meet her?”

“You know, I had almost forgotten that we were getting married,” said Ana as she stood behind Michael. “Hello, girls, I’m the fiancé.”

“Hi, Ana. I’m Rebecca. This is Michelle, Samantha, and Mary.”

“My full name is Mary Anne,” said Rebecca’s friend. She was tall and her skin was white and delicate. Her hair was brown and the ends were fried from lack of proper care. Her eyes were sullen and her nose was short and wide. Her lips were paper thin and her teeth seemed to rattle as she spoke.

“Well would you look at that. The Anne’s have so much in common,” said Rebecca with a smirk.

“I was just thinking the same thing!” said Ana, with the white of her eyes growing and a big, empty smile on her face. “We’re practically twins!”

Rebecca’s brows fell and sharpened. The girls caught scent of the change in the air and began reaching in their pockets for their room cards.

“Well, it was nice meeting you all,” said Michael.

“It really was,” said Ana. “Maybe we’ll see you guys later.”

“Maybe,” said Rebecca. Her voice had a deeper tone this time.

Ana shut the door behind them as they reentered the room. “Well, she seemed nice. How badly do you think she wanted to have sex with you?”

“On a scale of?”

“Scale of one to put it in my mouth.”


“Close. I’d say seven. More shots, Benson!”

“More? You started without me?”

“Catch up, Mikey.”

They didn’t go down to the pool that night. By the time it was ten o’clock they had finished half the bottle of tequila and they had made love three times. The drunker they go the longer they lasted and the better their orgasms became. By one o’clock the bottle was empty and Michael was having a hard time maintaining an erection.

“No, no! This, this is not okay! I’m young and I’m pretty and—“

“You’re handsome. Girls are pretty.”

“—and I’m handsome and I’m young; this cannot be happening to me!”

“Shh! Lower your voice! The girls next door are gonna think less of you if they hear you talking about your soft penis.”

“You shh! Stop talking and help me out. Slap it around or something. Kiss it.”

“It’s okay, babe. We’ve gone at it like five…no…six? No… we’ve gone at it like six or seven times already. Aren’t you sore? Because I know I’m sore.”

“Damn right you’re sore.”

“Oh, stop bragging. It’s not attractive.”

“You’re attractive.”

“Come here.”

“Ah, what’s the point? I’ve got the whiskey dick.”

“Tequila dick.”

“I’ve got the tequila dick.”

“Who cares. Come on, let’s go get in the shower.”

Saturday mornings were always busy in the Del Sol Hotel. The lobby was filled with people checking in and the elevators brought down scores of guests in their swimming trunks, sandals and bikinis. The cafes in the east wing of the hotel were alive with movement and the smell of ground coffee and cream. The baristas darted back and forth behind the counters making espressos and lattes. The pool staff handed out towels and the waiters of the poolside restaurants served breakfasts and drinks. The high school convention had a meet-and-greet at 8 a.m. and the girls next door had woken up two hours earlier to get ready. Luggage was opened, hair driers were plugged in, and their room was turned into a hair salon at six in the morning. There were occasional thuds that made it through the walls and into Michael and Ana’s room. Ana woke up on the bathroom floor after hearing a particularly loud one. She was naked; her hair was wet, and there was a small pool of vomit a few inches away from her mouth. Her head was spinning and the white bathroom lights hurt her eyes. There was a ringing in her ears that gradually changed into the sound of falling water. She slowly pushed herself from the floor until she found herself kneeling and facing the closed bathroom door. Small droplets of water touched her bare back. The shower was on and some of the water from it bounced against the shower wall and onto her skin. In the shower, propped up against the wall was Michael, just as naked as Ana. He was sitting with his arms cast at his sides; his head drooped down and the water poured onto his neck and down the rest of his body.

Ana’s head was pounding. She was in a dizzying pain from being awake but the sight of her unconscious fiancé made her laugh. She leaned into the shower and grabbed his chin with her right hand and shook it gently up and down.

“Michael. Michael, wake up.”

Michael’s eyes were slow to open. When he regained the majority of his consciousness he placed both his hands on the back of his head.

“Ow! Ow! Ah, why does my head hurt?”

Ana laughed again. “You fell. Well, you slipped, banged your head against the wall and then you fell.”


“You were trying to pick me up; and you almost did.”

“Did you fall too?”

“I was too busy laughing to fall.”

“Is… is that vomit?”


“Mine or yours?”

“I’m not sure. Probably mine. I don’t remember though. I do remember sitting you up against the wall.”

“My head is killing me.”

“Mine too. I don’t suppose you’ll want to go to the pool now.”

“Are you kidding me? Look at me. I’m pruned!”

“I like prunes.”

“Help me up. Let’s go to bed.”

Ana turned off the running water after helping Michael up. The room was spinning for both of them and she almost fell over and joined him on the floor again, but she managed to keep her balance and pulled him up. They walked out of the bathroom and dried themselves before crawling into bed underneath the covers.

“If we go back home in a few hours will they still charge you for the day?”

“I’m afraid so. You really don’t want to be here.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that this is a waste of money. Money that we shouldn’t be spending

“I got you a job at my uncle’s law firm.”


She took a small, but much needed sigh of relief. She closed her eyes and let out a long breath.“Thank you.”

“I’ll be expecting morning sex for a week.”

“A month.”

“Go to sleep.”

The End

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