She yanked her self away from me, and, tossing the scissors aside, beat the floor with her fists, all the time shedding her angry, bitter tears.

I got up from my kneeling position and gently closed the library door.

“Helena…you know you can tell me. What happened?”

“What didn’t happen!” she spat to the floor.


“Look at her, with all her pals. She thinks that she can throw a crying fuss and everybody will come to her rescue and follow her bidding. Well not me! I’m not going to listen to her selfish cries.”

“What? Who?” I asked, bewildered.

Whilst Helena silently sobbed in her robe of curtain-fabric, the answer finally dawned on me. Thank goodness it did, as the girl beside me was in no state to answer at that minute. I gazed at her a minute more, and when the sobbing seemed to have subsided, I bent back down to her level.

“Do you mean Katherine?”

“Yes, Katherine,” she said coldly.

“But…what has she done to you? Here she is, with a missing DS, and you have all your daggers pointing at her…”

“That’s exactly the point. Just because she is beyond upset about something she’s lost, you immediately go to her defence.”

“But she’s been hurt-”

“So have I! I’ll tell you what she did, Ag-ne-tha-” (in her anger, she split my name into three furious syllables. Not pleasant.) “-she abandoned me. We had a great friendship, but then along came that lying Chloe, who stole Katherine from me, claiming to the girl, that she was her new best friend!

“Chloe transformed Katherine into what she herself was: a horrible actress, using emotional arts to manipulate those around her. And now, when she misplaces her ‘favourite’ game (which, by the way, she didn’t even like until Chloe turned up), she makes a complete fuss just to get attention, even though nothing probably is as bad as it seems. Katherine never used to be like this, and you too know it.”

I was shocked. I’d never judged my friend to be like that, and nor had I heard anyone else say it to be true. Nevertheless, I tried to defend Katherine still.

“People change,” I muttered, shrugging.

Helena scowled into the cloth. I helped her dab her eyes with it.

“People change, and you’ll find it’s often for the better. I’m sure if you gave Katherine another chance, tell her that she upset you by pushing you away for Chloe, then she will be more than willing to let you join her friendship again.”

“Hmm,” the girl mumbled, shaking her head. I guessed that she was accepting what I had said though.

I left Helena lying on the library floor, knowing that she would clear away all evidence of her outburst before tomorrow.

Out in the main classroom, all looked normal, the three students were still busy in their activities, though they seemed to be winding down, tired now. The boys, splattered with red and black paint, were stuffing the coloured pots into a cupboard at the furthest end of the classroom, and Chloe was tucking something back under a velvet cloth that was used to conceal the bare underside of a display cabinet-desk.

Still reeling from what Helena had said, I reminded myself to keep my eyes open for once last time before I went home to think the day over. Once again, nothing looked unusual.


The End

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