"Popular" Kids

Several teenagers are sitting, slumping, snoring on folded arms around a lunchtable. A tipsy pile of think-spined books is stacked in the center and styrofoam trays smeared with ketchup are pushed back into the books.

"You know what I think?"


"Get up, doof. You know what I think?"

"Nrp. No."

"I think we should form a club - whatcha think?"


"Cuz we haven't joined any clubs this year - or last year - and our college applications are gonna be frickin boring if we don't. They look at that kinda stuff."



"What possible kinda club could you be thinkin of?"

"I dunno. Cricket?"


"What's wrong with that?"

"We're Americans. We don't do that kinda crap."


"Hey. Lookit that."

"What? The clones?"

"Yeah. Lookit that."

"What about em?"

"How their sleeves 'do not cover the ball of the shoulder'. Or their skirts that 'do not extend to just above the knee or lower'."

"That's their uniform, isn't it? The cheerleader one, I mean."


"That's total crap!"


"I mean, they wouldn't let me wear anything like that! I've tried. My pink tights, yaknow? They said they're 'obscene'."

"That's cuz you're not school sanctioned to be a slut."



"You think my pink tights are slutty?"

The End

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