Of the High and Mighty: Conversations, Thoughts, and Critiques

Two British upper class women's conversation on Americans (no offense, whatsoever intended towards either nationalities & ignore the stereotypes - just thought it to be an interesting subject):

"Oh, Caroline, dear! How are you?" 

"Well hello, Beth. Fancy seeing you here. Actually, I've just come back from the most horrid trip in the United States. It was most unsettling." 

"No surprise there, dear. They have no culture, no mannerisms. My husband didn't think much of the place, or quite a lot of the people, either." 

"I do agree with him. No culture whatsoever. And they have no shame at all. I was walking along a park, and all of a sudden there was loud, vulgar music coming from somewhere." 

"Let me guess. Someone with, what do you call those things?... You know, cardigans but with a hood?" 

"Hoodies, you mean?" 

"That's right. Someone with one of those comes along lugging a large CD player, or boombox is it? Is that right, dear?" 

"No, no. Something much more hideous. These group of teenagers come in a red convertible car, singing along to a song with much too many words. And you know what the worst part is, besides the loud music?" 

"How much more vulgarity could be seen in a couple of teenagers?"

"Much more, I can tell you. Those girls in the backseat were kneeling and letting their loose hair blow all over the place. And their tops! Oh my, their tops must have shrunken in the wash or something." 

"And their parents let them wear those shrunken shirts? That's most irresponsible of them! This is why children need culture. Those children have been deprived of it, therefore have no guidance. They don't know what rules to follow and how would they know what is accepted or not, if at least, their parents do not teach them?" 

"I think the parents don't even know what's right or wrong. They are friends to their children. They try to be cool. You can hardly blame the youth." 

"I suppose not, no. It is quite pitiable; the children's children will be brought up in the same indecent way, and they'll never fix it. America will always be..." 


"That's the word. Vulgar. It's a shame really, if only someone would set them right." 

The End

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