Good cop, bad cop

"How did you do that?"  Alex asked, her attention now on Damien.

                "What?"  Damien said, scratching his head.  Some of his charred black hair fell off.

                "Turn her arm to stone.  Is that something you can do on a regular basis?"

                Damien shrugged and looked at Inga.  She was struggling with the weight of her new arm, cursing between sobs.  "I just imagined her..."  He thought of it.  "Angrily."

                "Well, get ready to do it again, just in case any more show up.  Now let’s figure out how she blew open the door."

                Alex decided it was her turn and sat beside Inga, head cradled on her arm as if she was bored.  "What did you do to blow that door down?  That was definitely fire."

                Against all odds, Inga looked amused.  "I am a pure blood, fiend.  As you no doubt had noticed by now."

                The three blinked all at once, and looked completely clueless.

                "I...  Pure blood?"  Damien seemed to ask himself.

                "Of Sarabia -- hence the flames of justice."  Her eyebrows furrowed as if to say, really?

                "Not following."

                Inga's eyes grew wide.  "You know nothing, where do you come from?"

                While Tim and Alexa frantically tried to reassure Inga that they were dangerous, Damien took a look out of the doorway.  The now ashen door opened up into an alley.  It was parallel to another building, much like this one, with a stone wall and street corner making up the other two sides.  Stepping out onto the cobblestone pathway, he found that there were in fact lamps here, but could not blame himself for missing them.  These lamps were candle lit, not even by gaslight.

                "Guys, it appears we are actually in some R. A. Salvatore fantasy setting."  He said, reentering the room, where Inga was lying unconsious against a wall. 

                "No kidding."  Alex flaunted her now sizzling hair.  "She wasn't kidding about the flames of justice thing.  Blew fire all the way across the room and it caught my hair."

                "So I had to knock her out."  Tim held up the handle to the door she burned down.  It was made of Iron and was sufficiently blackened.  "I found this in the ashes and figured it might be useful." 

                Damien leaned over Inga and felt her soft face in his hands.  He brushed a stray hair out of her closed eyes and stood back up.  "So if she has super powers, and I do too...  Does that make me a pure blood also?"

                At that moment, Tim grabbed Damien, put his hand over his mouth, and dragged him into the corner.  Alex quickly followed.

The End

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