Damien the English Assassin/Demon

She tried to scramble up, but Alex put her foot on her chest to deter her.  "British...  I do not know this term."  She grunted.

                Tim, Alex, and Damien looked at each other, and Tim quickly spoke up.  "They are a secret organization of people boosted to the absolute peak of human perfection.  They are trained in the most vicious styles of martial arts known to humankind, and he just turned your arm to stone… would you like him to do that to your face?"

                The girl looked at them, winced at her arm, and shook her head.

                "Then cooperate."  Tim said.

                As Tim began to question the girl, Alex leaned into Damien's ear.  "When someone asks if you're a god, you say yes."  She whispered.

                They both chuckled, but Damien's smile quickly faded.  "I do not understand how we can recall pop culture references, but not our past."

                A moment of silence took them, and then Alex spoke.  "Neither do I.  Perhaps we were only meant to remember things that aren't important to us."

                "That would mean deliberate mindwiping.  Awful lot of trouble for a group of nobodies like us."

                "Nobodies?"  Alex giggled sheepishly.  "For all we know, I could be a playboy model and you could be a movie star."

                Damien thought about this.  "I suppose that could be true, but then what use would we have for fighting?"

                "Perhaps it has nothing to do with our careers at all, but we just fight because we have to.  Maybe the world is some dystopian place."

                Tim came up to them, interrupting their conversation.  "Okay, guys.  Her name is Inga, and she currently believes you are an  all-powerful demon."  He said, pointing at Damien.  "She also is somehow involved in whatever government exists here, so I suggest we treat her nicely from now on if we expect to get answers."

The End

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