Knock, knock

"Were we prisoners?"  Tim inquired.

                "Would be awful young for that."

                Damien caught a look at Tim's backside as he turned to Alice, and realized that he had a back pocket that was still buttoned up.  He must not have seen that in the dark.  He reached in and pulled out a wallet that contained a driver’s license.  "Alex is right,” Damien said, "Timothy Bowman.  Born august ninth, nineteen-ninety-one, which puts Tim at nineteen.  I am about his age, and you're a couple years younger than us, or so it appears."

                Alex smiled thinly.  "Real charmer." 

                Suddenly, there was a knock on a door.  The three froze for a second, and then rushed to the door and tried to push it against the outside.  Their efforts were fruitless, as the door burned to ash in a second and their momentum carried them through.  Looking up, they came to see a huge asian girl, wearing tight pants and a gold trimmed red tank top.  She grabbed Damien by the scruff of his jacket and lifted him a foot off the ground.

                "Why do you have such power?"  The girl said in perfect english.  "Are you one of Edmond's men?"  At that, she lifted him a little higher.

                "Edmond?  What the hell are you talking about!  How could I have power when you're manhandling me?"  He struggled to get out of his mouth.

                Fire shot out of her eyes.  Literally.  It burned off the sides of his hair, which sizzled down to his scalp and he howled in pain.  "Don't play dumb with me!  I can sense it!"  She said, before dropping him abruptly and clutching her arm as if she had broken it.  A piercing scream erupted from her mouth, as her arm started to harden into stone.  Her eyes now held only fear, as she looked at Damien with a curious awe.  "What are you?"

                Damien patted the dust off his vest, and stood up, completely unsure what just happened.  "British, apparently."

The End

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