Prologue - 2

            She rushed over to the window and scoured the landscape with her eyes.  Out on the rolling hills, a pale figure sat on a rock, his unkempt hair fluttering in the wind.

            Jade groaned, put on her coat and sandals, grabbed a separate pair, and snuck out of the room.  She navigated down some twisty hallways and unsafe-looking stairs until she met a door.  She reached out once more, and saw a three-dimensional puzzle enter her mind.  After a couple of seconds of metal clicking on metal, the door opened and she walked out into the brisk fall air.  The wet grass soaked her already ratty gown, and made her shiver a little, but eventually, she made her way to the figure and sat beside him on the rock.

            The figure was a boy of around 16, with medium black hair and green eyes.  He was wearing only a tunic and a pair of cut off pants.  "Something's coming, Jade."  He said with a soft, high voice.  "I can feel it on the wind."

            "You're right, Sam.  Something's coming...  It's a whipping, and we're both getting it."  She slipped the coat over his shoulders and set the sandals in his hands.  "You need to come in, now.  Master Alised is waiting for his breakfast, and if we don't hurry--"

            "I'm serious, Jade!"  He grabbed her shoulders and almost shook her.  If he wanted to, he probably couldn't - Jade was something near 24, and much stronger than her friend.  Sam turned his sight back to the horizon, and closed his eyes.  "We're not likely to be here for much longer.  Close your eyes and feel, Jade."

            Being her own stubborn self, she didn't close her eyes.  Rather, she looked out as far as she could see.  From the top of this hill, she could see the grassy landscape go on in all directions, with only a few winding dirt roads cutting through the land.  Out in the distance, she could see Cape point, the old dock town that sat right at the edge of the water and consisted of a few dozen buildings in a semicircle around a pair of long docks.  Some large ships were anchored there, with one or two smaller ones coming in from the horizon. 

            Turning her attention back to Sam, she was prepared to give him a stern speech on responsibility.  A speech she never got the chance to give.  His eyes were open, only they weren't his eyes.  His iris and pupils disappeared, and in their place was pure black, that shot out across his face in the forms of veins.  She was not surprised, for she had seen this before.  She was scared.  This is what happened when he saw things, things that only someone like him could see.

            Dark eyes set on the horizon, Sam grinned almost evilly.  "It's here."  He said.

The End

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