Prologue - 1

A fantasy fiction piece that I have been thinking about doing for a while now... But have never actually put to paper. The first real project that I ever wrote.

Jade woke up to soft, morning sunlight pouring through the foggy windows.  She rubbed sleep from her eyes, leaned over, and wiped the cold condensation from the glass, letting the bright rays warm her face.  Leaning over further, she peeked her head out over the bed and stared in curiosity at the empty bunk below her.  The green blankets were peeled back at one of the diagonals, but the sandals that belonged to the occupant were still placed neatly beside the coat hanger that held a heavy, wool jacket.  A quick glance around the room revealed no one else was there.

            She scampered out of her bunk, replaced the bed sheets in a tidy fashion, and did the same for the bunk below her.  No sooner than she had done this, the oak door clicked, and an elderly man stood in the doorway, holding a large ring of keys.  He was wearing leather chaps and a posh, silken shirt.  The bald spot on top of his head represented the absence of compassion in his soul, or so Jade liked to joke to herself.  "Miss Juspesyk, where is Master Joaqim?"  He said, cold as ice.

            Jade reached out to him and closed her eyes for a moment.  Stupid ratty girl...  Wish I could get back to bed...  Good for nothing...  The voice inside him said.  She opened her eyes and smiled thinly.  "He went out to go to the restroom.  You left the door unlocked last night, Master."  She lied.

            The man scratched his head as if there were a large itch there, and growled lowly.  "When he gets back, you and him better head to the kitchen and fix Master Alised his breakfast...  Minerva knows you two are already in for a beating."  He turned, stopped for a moment, and continued on his way. 

            She rushed over to the window and scoured the landscape with her eyes.  Out on the rolling hills, a pale figure sat on a rock, his unkempt hair fluttering in the wind.

The End

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