003; MabelMature

“Quad Beta,” she said, fishing the bioluminescent gear from the depths of her pack.  She showed him how to put on and activate the wristbands and engaged the floaters that would guide their way through the sunless terrain.  

Elco’s amazement at the perfect orbs glowing gently, floating at about eye level in front of him, was one of the only pleasant sights Mabel had seen recently.  

Swinging the automatic rifle around her shoulder to carry, she shrugged her pack into a comfortable position and gestured into the unforgiving dark.  “We’ll walk side by side through here.  Follow the floaters, they’re programmed to find the portal.”

It was hours before the orbs began to change color.  The light they cast moved gradually from the palest shade of blue to an urgent, pulsing yellow.  It cast Elco’s face in the strangest shade - it reminded Mabel of home and a tiny sprout of fondness began to dig its roots into her mind.  Before she went down that path any farther, she brushed the thought away.

“We’re here,” she said, her hand stretching out to stop him from stepping any further out into the dimly lit woods.  “Watch your step.”

Elco laughed like he was unsure about her joke.  “If we’re at the portal, shouldn’t we be stepping into it?”

Her first thought was to snap at him with a short remark, like, ‘why don’t you find out then?’ but she wouldn’t get paid if he fell into the middle spaces of dimensions and couldn’t get out.  “Not all doors should be stepped through, some need to be fallen through.”

The End

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