In a world like Meredith's one realizes that she's constantly being watched.

I've realized that I'm constantly being watched.

Eventually, if you're paying enough attention, you start to notice the little khaki and black colored security cameras lining the halls of your life, the little round, black, phosphorescent ball on the ceilings, watching like the eyes of a despotic God.

I used to think that the government, in a country like the United States of America, a "democratic" country, wasn't to be feared, but to be loved and strengthened, so it can fight back against corporate greed. I used to watch a lot of MSNBC. But the government is controlled by that very same greed, the same lust for power and money.

If what I thought were the case, why was Jack Abramoff so successful at buying members of congress? I used to think that he was picking off members of an ideal representative body and turning them to corporate pawns, but, as it turns out, they were corporate pawns to start with. The government is a corporate pawn.

The End

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