A momentous decision

The Lady d'Argent allowed her robe to fall to the floor, revealing to Melina the means by which luxury and comfort does sometimes come to young ladies, poorly born.  it is the beauty; it is the will and the willingness; it is the placing of onself in the midst of some wealthy baron's lusty dream.

No more wishing that she had been born of noble birth, the first born of an inheritance waiting to be spent.  No more yearning for a life that others lived in romantic castles and endless estates.  No more aching for that which she believed could never be hers.  She would become this alabaster dream that stood before her in all her naked perfection, she would become the next Lady d'Argent.

Dream not dreams, you are not willing to be,

Chase not  visions, you are not willing to see,

Live not the life that is not for thee,

Bind not your soul, but set it free!


That night, her heaven was first imagined, and her hell was first created.



The End

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