Dearest C,

I hope this letter gets to you okay; I don’t know much about the reliability of Moscow post. It should get to you safe and sound though, I’d trust my ‘agent’ with my life (but don’t tell him that- my brother should depend on me.)

I am okay. A month of rest has helped me recover from the loss of Josh and I am working well back at school. Lessons are a bit odd, as we haven’t got any new teachers yet, but it’s better; it’s helping Alicia too.

Speaking of your ‘niece’, she is very brainy, and much like her mother, I presume. Having to fend for herself her whole life has sharpened her wits. Yes, albeit there are some people who know about the rumours, but Alicia does well (better than me, some would say) ignoring them and making friends. It’s lovely to hear her laugh! I can see now that when she’s truly happy her sapphire eyes light up and illuminate the rest of her careworn face.

Well, what can I say? Life isn’t perfect, but it has its upsides. Like meeting you all! I can’t wait to hear from you, Carrie, next time.

Yours lovingly, A. xxx

The End

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