chapter LXIMature

The cheeseburgers Sebastian had picked up while they’d locked themselves in the bathroom were spectacular.  Graeme didn’t know if it was just the endorphins rushing through his brain or if it really was the best burger he’d ever had, but he supposed it didn’t really matter in the long run.  It was two in the morning and the fact that Sebastian had been able to find a place to sell him cheeseburgers was astounding and worthy of praise on it’s own.

“Where did you get these, Sebastian?”  Gabriel asked, her syllables distorted around the mouthful of meat and cheese and bun.

“The McDonald’s a few blocks down.”

Graeme perked a brow.  “Don’t they close at midnight?”

Sebastian shrugged.  “I guess.”

Gabriel laughed, her hand covering her mouth politely.  “You broke in and made these?”

“We needed food, these sounded good.  Was I wrong?”

Graeme shook his head and chortled around another mouthful.  “Not wrong.”

They finished their food and went over the plans again.  Graeme tried not to think that the stolen cheeseburgers might have been his last meal, even though it was a prominent concern in his head.  Gabriel touched his shoulder with her fingertips as she brushed by him to reach for her duffle bag in the closet.  

Sebastian, still hovering over the open books scattered on the desk, said, “Do we need to get any of these ingredients?”

Gabriel shook her head and tossed the bag onto the mattress.  “No, Graeme has them all.”

Sebastian frowned slightly, as if he wasn’t sure he could believe her.  “Even the spinal fluid?  What about the teeth and the eyes?”

Graeme, mid-way through loading himself up with weapons, said, “Check, check, and check.”

Sebastian shrugged, his finger still trailing down the list.  Assigning it to memory, Graeme guessed.

Graeme let Sebastian drive the TransAm, despite the flicker of dislike that still burned in the back of his thoughts.  He knew the way to the healer and it would be easier for him to simply drive them there than it would be to navigate from the passenger seat.    On the way, they stopped and picked up the supplies they would need from Graeme’s hidden stashes.  He’d scattered them all around the area, thinking they were better off leaving a few here and there in case any one stash was ever discovered.

With the trunk loaded up with demon organs and bones, they began the hour long drive to Sebastian’s Healer.

The End

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