chapter LIVMature

*Author's Note: Please excuse how terribly written this chapter is.  It's basically a placeholder until I can write a more graceful one.

“Why didn’t you tell me you could teleport?  Why is this the first time you’ve used it?  You know that would have come in handy more than once, right?”  It seemed so reckless to keep that from him, especially thinking back on how many times they could have just… solved things so easily.  He was frustrated, too frustrated to notice the lines on her face or the shadows haunting her eyes.  He didn’t see the quiver in her hands as she set down the supplies and cracked open one of the kits.

“It isn’t easy, Graeme.  It’s not as simple as you think.”  Her fingers fumbled around the packaging encasing the ace wrap.  Irritated with it, she tossed it to the side in pieces, shaking it off her already unsteady fingertips before moving on to open a second.

He tried to reign in his (frustration) around his irregular breathing, hoping to temper the fresh surge of discomfort in his chest as he did so.  “Then explain it to me.”

Gabriel sighed, the sound was heavy.  “First, I’m going to make sure you are going to be around long enough to hear it all.”


She’d spent an hour trying to articulate why she so rarely used the trick of teleportation – it was, after all, theoretically merely a matter of bending space the way one would fold a map – but the words came out jumbled.  She could feel herself slipping and she tried not to show how weak she was feeling.  It had taken more than one teleportation to get the things they needed and she wasn’t used to zapping in and out of places so rapidly.  The shake to her fingers indicated that she was going to lose out on her struggle to keep herself upright, but still, she trudged on.

The wrap uncurled in her fingers, her hands binding it around his chest with a delicate sort of firmness.  The rhythmic blinking of her eyelids began to slow down, made her lids heavier every time she tried to open them.  Steeling herself against the drowsiness that was starting to overtake her sore body, she unraveled another segment of wrap.  That was the last thing she remembered before she passed out.

Graeme might have been a little disbelieving of how damaging teleportation was for her, but she thought those concerns had been wiped clean when he had to care for her while she recovered.  He, on the other hand, seemed to only get stronger.

The End

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