chapter: LMature

The condo was quiet when he got home, but he could see the light on in his room.  He didn’t want to scare her, so he made sure he shut the door hard enough that she would hear it, but still, no sound came from the other room.  Wandering in, he found Gabriel asleep on the bed, half twisted off, his demon books opened all around her.  The book on black magic rested on her chest, some of the pages folded messily as if it had simply fallen onto her.  She was snoring faintly – so softly that he wasn’t sure he’d have heard it any other day – and her fingers twitched now and then.  He wondered what she was dreaming of as he lifted the books off of her and pulled a blanket up over her shivering legs.  Sitting, gingerly, on the edge of the bed, he simply looked at her for a long time.  She was gorgeous – all blond curls and delicate features, exactly like an angel though he’d never once imagined one to look so lovely.  It was hard to describe, the natural sort of ethereal glow that hummed around her, but it was comforting to him.  He’d grown used to the light that burned constantly within her. 

No one had ever looked as lovely to him.  Not Daisy, not the slender, athletic women he’d pursued when he was younger, not the photoshopped models he’d beaten off to as a teenager.  Something about her was more powerfully enchanting than any of them, than all of them combined.  He couldn’t be sure if it was her or something about her angelic nature, maybe it was both.  He didn’t know if it would change how he felt if it was just some bullshit holy light that mesmerized him.  He didn’t think it could just be that simple, not really.  It felt like so much more.

Love was supposedly blind.  Maybe she was slowly blinding him – like looking for too long at the sun.

The End

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