chapter xxxxviMature

Gabriel knew the church she needed to find.  Certain things came easily to Angels – pieces of information that always seemed at the edge of their fingertips, ready to leap forward if they were needed – and the location of holy artifacts was one of them.  There was a scripture she was looking for, one with the names of every demon since the fall of Lucifer.  The list was so long that the book had to be lifted by six mortal men in order to be moved.  Angels had cast a spell on it that allowed only men of the Lord to even set hands on it without spontaneously combusting.  Some had argued – saying it was unnecessarily cruel to the humans who may touch it accidentally – but they had been silenced and the spell had been cast.  The book had to be safe, it couldn’t fall into the wrong hands.  The demons couldn’t know how much the Angels really knew.

Graeme stayed in the car while she went into the church, saying churches made him feel feel confined, like he was claustrophobic.  She’d relented and gone inside quickly, having no desire to press the issue.  She wouldn’t be long, and he was armed and knew to be cautious.  There were no indicators that such a simple errand would end as badly as it did.

The End

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