chapter xxxxvMature

The first demon they summoned was an unremarkable rank, they’d figured he was low enough that no one would notice right away if he went missing, but high enough that he might have at least heard a few trickle-down rumors as to why Graeme was so special to the Destroyer.  Thinking far enough ahead to put a demon trap where he would be apparating, they felt very clever when he couldn’t even move to attack them.  Gabriel would have liked it more if they had been able to tie him up, but without a vessel first that was impossible.  They would have to make do with the demon trap and the expulsion spell for when they were finished.

She had to admit, part of her wished they could kill them all, but that would draw too much attention to the sudden burst in summonings.  Everything needed to be discrete, which is what killed her.  Gabriel was not used to doing things on the sidelines; she wasn’t really designed for planning and strategy.  She was better at impromptu survival, she always had been.  It had saved her skin countless times.

The demon knew nothing, and when they sent him back, Gabriel couldn’t shake the strange sense of emptiness she felt all of the sudden.  She’d had higher hopes for their first summoning, and it hardly seemed worth the demon heart to have gotten the demon they did.  Next time, she thought, she’d be more thorough.  She wouldn’t just call rank, she’d call a name.  She’d hunt down a name first thing in the morning. 

Until morning, she and Graeme shed their clothes like second skins and took their time rejuvenating themselves.

The End

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