"I think we should do something fun," he said, watching her saunter back from the bathroom, her little black panties hugging her hips.  He smiled, thinking of grabbing her and starting their romp all over again.  As much as he'd like to, he wanted to get out and do something carefree for a while.  Something normal and easy, something that average people took for granted.  "What about a movie, or maybe we can check out a local pub or something?"

"You can't be stircrazy already, we've only been back at the condo for a few hours."

"No, I'm not really stir crazy, I just want to get out.  I want to blow of some of this energy.  I felt so exhausted before, but all of the sudden I feel like I could go days without sleep."

"Really?  How do you mean?"  There was intrigue in her voice that went beyond curiosity.  She was asking for a reason, she knew something he didn't know.  He'd tipped her off to something. 

He hated not knowing things.  "Why do you ask?"

"Just...  I feel rested, too.  Like I slept for days and I could take on the world.  I don't even feel dizzy or disoriented anymore from the bloodloss.  I feel incredible."


"Yeah, exctly."

"So do I."

"Isn't that a little weird?"

"I really don't know, Graeme.  Human-Angel interactions don't frequently go this far.  It's pretty unheard of, honestly."

"That seems strange to me.  How can it not be something that's happened before?"

"Because it's forbidden, Graeme.  I'm breaking laws that have been around since anyone can remember. I'm doing this completely against the things I was taught.  I'm going against everything I've ever been told about how our species are supposed to interact.  I'm not supposed to care about you beyond whether or not you live or die, but I'd rather kill myself than see you die.  I'd rather leap off a building than watch you walk away from me.  This isn't supposed to happen, Graeme.  I have no idea what to do with this."

"The Architect," Graeme said, as if he'd struck on something brilliant.  "This isn't something that is just happening by chance, Gabriel.  He told me my path would be complicated, he told me I would be breaking ground.  This is supposed to happen, Gabriel.  Maybe that's why it makes us feel like this, maybe it's supposed to help keep us strong.  What are we going into?  Do you know?  What are we facing with all of this, why am I so important to the Destroyer?  We need answers.  I think we have to start hunting for them, since they're not coming to us any time soon."

The End

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