chapter xxxxiiMature

He wanted nothing more than to leap from the bed and scream with triumph.  He felt spectacular lying there with her, like he could take on the entire world and come out unscathed, come out swinging, come out covered in blood and roaring like a King who'd just earned his title.  He would fight for her, to the death, to the bloody mess of a beaten corpse if he had to.  Fearless wasn't quite the word, and upon further contemplation, he thought perhaps the word was "invincible."  He rolled it around in his mind, feeling it out.  It definitely was the word he was looking for.  She made him feel invincible. 

She was still beside him, only her finger moving in slow repetitive circles on his chest.  Perhaps he should have noticed how quiet she was, but he couldn’t help feeling too at peace to dare address something that might lead to a confrontation.

The End

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