chapter xxxvMature

He'd taken his time at the grocery with the groceries but Gabriel was still asleep when he returned home.  He paced around his living room for a few minutes, the words of the doped-out woman in the parking lot spun wildly in his head; whirlwinds that would not let him rest.  What did she know?  Dare he seek out the answers to his questions alone?  Was he even remotely prepared to do so?

Probably not.

Would that stop him?

Probably not.

It didn't take long for him to break down and grab his keys again.  She was already going to be pissed off when she woke up.  He guessed it wouldn't matter a great deal if he'd done another stupid thing while she slept.  He didn't change the note on the counter, he just shut the door gingerly behind him. 

He knew he should feel some level of apprehension as he navigated the city streets, but he felt nothing except a faint sort of exhilaration.  A small part of him worried he was driving at a steady seventy miles an hour to his own death, but he knew he wasn't.  He knew when his death would be waiting for him, and despite the warning he'd just received, he knew it would not be in the factory district.  Not that night, at least.  He had a great while before his death caught up with him.

The knowledge renewed his courage.

The End

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