chapter viMature

He could taste metal in his mouth. 

Graeme opened his eyes but saw nothing – the blindfold tied uncomfortably around his head blocked out all light.  Empty blackness alone greeted his vision.  His other senses, however, were lighting up.  Burning flesh rode the air like a nauseating perfume and mingled with the stench of old sweat.  His ears rang and he could hear nothing over the sound.

Electricity – hot and furious and powerful – chugged through his forearms.  The pain was real and violent, and his scream matched it well in tone and ferocity.  Such an outburst threatened to make him hoarse, but he could not bite it back as wave after wave of electricity tore through his body.  When it receeded, he was left panting wildly, his teeth gritting down on a metal bar hard enough that he felt a few crack under the pressure.

“How do you like the holy water, demon?” purred the low voice of a woman he didn’t recognize.  When he didn’t attempt to answer, she laughed.  “Make sure he remembers this in a few days.  Hit him enough to leave some scars.”

Around the bit in his mouth, he tried to scream, “wait!” but no clear word came out.  He struggled against the binds around his wrists and ankles but it was to no avail.  He heard her steps as she left the room like a far away rhythm over the bells.  There was no assurance within him that he would survive any more frying.  He felt the whimper escaping his throat at the thought of another shock but could not stop it, the same way he couldn’t stop the way he spent the next few hours on the rack.

Graeme did not know when he faded out.

The End

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