Of Green Casts and Running Into DoorsMature

Kae knew as she was breaking into consciousness that things hadn’t gone to plan. (Granted, she hadn’t really had a plan to begin with, but still…) That and that her situation was going to be bad. She wanted to think all sorts of words that were worse than bad but ignored it in favour of being optimistic. That is, until she cracked open her eyes and came face to face with a shirtless man lying asleep next to her. Or not, she thought as she let out a frantic yelp and shot backwards out of the bed, in the process both waking up the mysterious man and falling out of the bed. Screw bad, Kae thought almost hysterically, this was definitely an oh shit moment if there ever was one she re-evaluated.

Kae scrambled backwards until her back hit a wall, her eyes wide with fear. Until the man stood up and made her way to her in all his shirtless glory. Her eyes widened more, now comically wide, until she gritted her teeth, thought fuck it and sprung up, leaping forward to tackle the man in one of her moments of both extreme bravery and extreme stupidity. But she didn’t expect for the man to just step lightly to the side, letting her fly past him to land on the massive bed. Kae didn’t move from where she lay face down on the mattress, a sigh escaping her lips.

A low chuckle sounded from behind her, causing her to roll onto her back in a panic. But the man was seated on the other side of the bed, laughing at her. “My name's Rez Ambrose. I saw you fighting off those boys and helped you out. You had a broken wrist, but while the doctor was putting the cast on, you fell asleep.” Kae swallowed and she scooted back until her back was resting on the headboard before she lifted up her arm to examine the fluoro green cast on her arm.

"Don't let her fall asleep." The doctor instructed, as he worked gently on her broken wrist, rotating it this way and that carefully. Her knight-in-shining-leather-jacket nodded.

"Hey, kid, what's your name?

She eyed him suspiciously, squinting oddly. "What's yours?"

"I'm Rez Ambrose."

"Kae." She giggled at his eyebrow piercing, which twinkled at her as it caught the light. "'m Kae. Kae Rodigo."

"Alright, Kae, now don't fall asleep, you hear me?"

"But 'm not sleepy, why would I want to sleep?" Kae inquired, brow raised. At that moment, her eyes closed.

"Kae!" Kae's eyes opened again. She pouted, just before she sneezed thrice. Rez chuckled as he quickly stood and picked up a blanket that he wrapped around her frame snugly, leaving only her head and injured arm poking out. Rez thought she looked adorable; he hid his sudden grin behind his hand. Kae blinked rapidly before she sighed, her eyes slowly slipping closed.

"Hey, don't go to sleep. Kae, open your eyes." Rez commanded. "Kae!" Kae opened her eyes slightly to glare balefully at him. He nodded, patting her hair. "Good girl." Rez watched the doctor press around the teen's wrist for a moment, before his eyes returned to Kae's face.


Her eyes jerked open again. The doctor, a man in his mid-forties, smiled amusedly. "Kae, what colour would you like your cast to be, sweetheart? Green, blue, yellow or purple?"

The teen was suddenly alert, her head popping up and her eyes opening wide. Rez chuckled. Kae bounced slightly on the spot, excitement clear on her face. "Green!"

The doctor smiled, patting her on the hand, before he gathered his equipment and went to work setting the cast on her arm. "Alright then, you can go to sleep now, sweetheart."

"But 'm not sleepy!" Kae argued, pouting. The man just hummed in reply. A peaceful silence quickly descended as he worked. When his eyes, and Rez's, glanced up no more than five minutes later, the teen was deeply asleep, nestled in the blanket. Rez chuckled.

Oh dear god, she remembered alright. Her eyes roamed the room, as she avoided looking at the man. Finally, her eyes raised to meet Rez's own. She bit her lip, opening her mouth slowly before she closed it again. Rez nodded encouragingly. She slowly opened her mouth again.

"What's that behind you?"

When he turned to look behind himself, Kae struck. Her hand darted out lightning fast to grab at the set of keys belonging to Rez on the bedside table, before she jumped out of bed and towards the door. She glanced back at him, catching his grin before she looked forward again, just in time to smack face first into the door.

Kae staggered back a few steps, blinking slowly as her vision swam, hearing the amused chuckle behind her. Ah fuck, she thought dazedly, just before she blacked out, not registering the arms that quickly moved to catch her.

Well, at least her cast was a nice and fluorescent green.

The End

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