The BridgeMature

Gunshots echoed from behind the door. The sound of a lot of artillery, too much for the simplicity of the mission they'd been faced with. Damnit none of this made any sense as it is! They'd entered easily enough and they were god damned sure that they hadn't been detected. But somehow the enemy forces had found them instantly and had continued to do so no matter where they ran to or where they hid themselves. Not only that, this was supposed to be a factory, but everyone here seemed to have a gun, it was like a private army.

A second later the enemy forces had burst through into the room the squad was hidden in, a tall man with long red hair coming through first only to be cut in half by a burst of Ajax's rotary gun. To give them cover as they retreated round a corner Ajax stood to the side of the door producing what seemed like a solid wall of bullets allowing none to pass.

Once his friends were out of harm’s way Ajax sprinted up to join them as Sandy set off a small explosive charge he had placed bringing the door frame crashing down on the next soldier coming through and temporarily blocking it.

"Hey Tarlo, where the *&$# are we? This is not the Kansas I signed on for!!" Came Hec's voice as he downed another two soldiers in the blue armor that seemed to be the norm here.

"I know Hec, I know!! What I don't know is what's going on. Look we should just make for the target point. C'mon its only about 30 metres away, and it's on this floor." With that Tarlo was off, knowing instinctively that the team would follow.

His team followed, they may not have all been able to put it in to words but they knew why.  He wasn't a hard man, in fact quite the opposite, but he was determined and he never let his people down. He could leave all the cursing and the blustering to the others.

Round a corner. Through an intersection and across a bridge he ran. Enemies and friends alike hot on his heels. Just running to the little dot in his Virtual Intelligence Vision (VIV). It was supposedly the factory managers office. It should have contained the information they needed on what was being shipped and what secrets were being sold

The way that this mission had already gone, who knew what they would actually find.

The bridge was a tricky part, it was a suspended platform above one of the main furnaces of the factory. Needless to say it was hot, humid and almost completely open to enemy fire. To compensate for being such visible targets the team removed their plyfabric free fall wings (which had folded automatically back into their backpacks on landing) and spread them out one after the other stood up, this provided reasonable cover so that the enemy couldn't see exactly where they were to shoot. Trouble was it held no protection whatsoever from bullets so they passed straight through.

That didn't matter though, neither did the fact that they might have needed them to escape. It was their best shot across the bridge and that was that. They had all been dead men since they started, or at least that's how Tarlo saw it, they should have been killed when they were captured. As it was they were  on borrowed time.

So across the bridge it was and straight through the heavy wooden door to the office.

Inside the office they were fairly safe, the bridge was a choke point that no soldiers were going to make it through alive while the squad still had ammo. They could take a moment to re-assess the situation and catch their breath.

A gunshot rang out, unnaturally loud compared to the others around, like it was in the room.

Hec fell. Dead.

The End

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