In the beginning ...Mature

In the beginning, they say, the earth was bountiful, covered in green grass, brown barked trees and oceans as blue as you can imagine.  Then life evolved. To begin with this was no bad thing, the earth span, the creatures spawned fell into a pattern of migration, procreation and, eventually, extinction. For millenia this was the way of the world as first the dinosaurs then the mammoths came and went. Each reduced to nothing by nature through meteors, ice ages and other such systems.

Then came man. From the heavens it must have looked like yet another species doomed to fall, they walked the forest paths and swam in the running rivers. Maybe they covered themselves with furs but that was surely only an  accidental discovery right? Then came fire , fire and tools and mining and metal and steel and war. Nations and war and fire. Only after the war did the peace come. No longer were humans stupid, dumb animals as you once have been forgiven for thinking. Now they were stupid, dumb animals who knew pain, and knew how to kill. But memory, as is always the case, fades. What's worse, the people who held the memories of pain died. So what happened? The human race forgot. It forgot pain and suffering and horrible torments, all the result of war. With their memories clean and sparkling they once again marched into battle, with newer, deadlier weapons, intent on domination and destruction. Now let no-one say that humans were just savage barbarians, they were also great thinkers, scientists even. They possessed that innate spark that allowed them to create, imagine and invent. All this potential they poured effortlessly into furthering their capability for hurting each other. No longer did they care about the memories of pain that they had forged anew. Now the hurt ran so deep, was so bitter that none would let it go, no thought was given to the damage as their weapons of mass destruction destroyed not only their enemies but also their home. Until one day it went too far, the humans, bent on ending their own peoples hurt and removing forever the threat of all other nations, unleashed a force on the earth that they had no control over.

That was the Black Sun device. So called because it poisoned the air with a deadly toxin that changed the sky so the sun appeared black to all below. Initially planned to only affect the area immediately around the device (which was secretly activated inside the enemy nation) the humans lost control and the dark toxin rolled across the globe, wiping out all but a handful of humanity.

Surely then, these lucky survivors would see their error, they would make peace and right the wrongs of the past. Unfortunately no. What survivors there were saw that they had to work on survival now instead of any previous wars. Some banded together to form tribes that grew crops and kept cattle while others went about nomadically living off what salvage was left behind from the past era. Yet still some remained who would or could do neither. These either died out or through desperation (and some, sheer vindictiveness) turned to what would previously have been called 'crime'. They robbed, mugged, murdered and enslaved to get what they want. They scouted the old structures for weapons and armor, ammunition and technology, then turned it upon their fellow man to get what they wanted.

Fast forward two hundred years, it is the year 2259. What was the North America has become The Earthgate Nation. A country officially controlled by a 'democracy'. They are the descendants of the criminal, the murderers and the slavers who took the old technology and turned it on fellow man. You would not think that such a people would be able to forge a nation but out of the fire and steel of humanities destruction they bloomed. While other groups farmed, rebuilt and generally tried to survive they planned and plotted. When the time was right, out of the wastes they came, guns blazing, they enslaved their more peaceful and unprepared neighbours. Forced them to work, invent and craft for them. Creating a nation that was built on the back of slaves. Eventually they allowed the enslaved peoples to vote on their leader winning them back their favour. Granting the people the illusion of freedom and happiness. To the south there was only jungles and tribals and strange creatures, neither harmed nor helped by the Black Sun Device years before. Only... changed.

Across the water came a more disturbing tale, there the survivors saw the need to replace old enmity with new-found comradery and a stout look toward the future as they rebuilt. Here there were no raiders, no slave-takers and no roving bands of looters. Instead small communes were formed where everyone worked in union to purify water and soil for crops, cooking and the daily living requirements. They kept animals and grew wheat  much as some had tried in old North America. This kept them alive but at a technology state similar to medieval Britain. Then once again war came.

Down from the north came giant beasts of men, no more advanced than the natives but far superior in strength. They were aided here by the communes isolation as each group kept to themselves and communes were spread out to maximise the range each could farm for crops and cattle. Though not great in numbers they could deploy all their horde to attack one settlement and raid it then be gone with no-one left to take word to other nearby communes. Not that the Orrothleans killed everyone, only the men and male children. The women and girls were kept as slaves and breeding stock. For the rest of their lives the served and slept with their Orrothlean masters. For the leader of this great horde, the Great Emperor Marlok, had a plan. Though great in size and strength the horde of Orrothleans were not by any stretch of the imagination neanderthals, they were merely trained from a young age to know that the best used of mental capability was devising new ways to stay alive in a fight and, if possible, kill your opponent. What they did lack was numbers, having come from the frozen north where food was scarce few children survived beyond their tenth winter. Thus they had taken the women as slaves, not because they need their meals served to them, because they needed children.

Another hundred years forward now it is 2359. The Orrothlean Empire is fully established with a fighting force easily twice as large as that of The Earthgate Nation. On the other hand The Earthgate Nation has developed quickly and prospered. They've developed a wormhole technology allowing instantaneous travel over great distances. To this end they have created large mining colonies on Mars and Ganymede, one of Jupiters 'Gallileo Class' moons allowing them to acquire raw materials that are in short supply on the depleted earth. Meanwhile inside these two great nations are multiple factions, groups and men of power all vying for a slice of the cake in a vain attempt to establish themselves. Into this mess and muddle of human intolerance and desperation must we delve to see a story unfold. Possibly the greatest tale of all mankind's history. This is the story of how when one man goes to war, the world quakes in it's boots.

The End

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