Of Fire and SteelMature

I have no idea where this is going or what twists and turns it is going to take. This came straight out of my imagination and my extensive background of reading and loving (but not yet writing) Sci-Fi stories. So feel free to comment, suggest and even add to, this story. Any and all input is appreciated just make sure you say something to me as you do it. Don't just add a chapter and say nothing. I would say sorry for the shortness of the chapters. It just sort of feels more right to do it in short sharp bursts. Also it takes longer to write each chapter than I'd thought so this way i can update every few days hopefully.


The Year - 2359
The World - Earth, Post Apocalypse
The Main Character - Tarlo Novara, Male, Human, Brown Hair, 5'9", Scar on one cheek in the shape of a Diamond, Socialist revolutionary
Main FactionsThe Earthgate Nation (a nation ruled in an upper class controlled democracy system who have developed wormhole travel technology and now control mining colonies on Mars and Ganymede one of Jupiters Moons, their industry base uses 90% clean energy with the entire earth having long ago cracked Nuclear Fusion technology, they also have adapted their wormhole technology to be used in weapons where they accelerate the bullets to a massively destructive speed with one bullet having been known to cave in an armored mans entire chest), The Orrothelo Empire (a nation of fighters who's men are trained from birth to wage war, they are ruled by a single emperor and his council of chancellors,

The End

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